Quilting Arts TV Episode 1206--Pets

25 Jul 2013

We love our pets almost as much as quilting. Pauline Salzman starts out with a postcard necklace featuring her favorite pooch. Then, Sue Bleiweiss has a pet postcard that can be personalized to your favorite breed. Last, host Pokey Bolton shares a charity project featuring pet postcards.

View the projects from this episode by clicking here.

A selection of puppy postcards made by Pauline Salzman.



Sue Bleiweiss, right, with Pokey Bolton on the set of "Quilting Arts TV."



Pokey Bolton holds one of the pet postcards she created.

































QATV Series 1200 is now available!




























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stubblytroll wrote
on 28 Jun 2014 3:18 PM

I love this!  I haven't done it yet, since I just found it, but as a non-quilter, I am looking forward to trying it.  I have lots of beautiful cats, and two beautiful dogs that I would like to immortalize in a quilt.  I would love for my daughter to learn to make these, and sell them at our annual Salt Works Festival.  I think people would love these wonderful small quilts!  Thank you.

stubblytroll wrote
on 28 Jun 2014 3:33 PM

I don't know if I got my comment added, but if I did, these would be perfect fund raisers for one of our community action groups that sponsors the annual Salt Works Festival.  We had a salt works "mine", with houses, and a railroad.  It has been partially recreated, and we have a period festival at the salt works.  That's why these little quilts would be perfect, as women quilted then, but has a modern twist.  And a perfect quilt for my daughter, who at this time, does not even sew.  Perfect all around!  : )

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