Quilting Arts TV Episode 1303--Make It Your Own

20 Dec 2013

Each week the show features some of the most innovative designers in the industry. They hope to inspire you to try out some of their techniques and also see how you can incorporate their lessons into your style and make it your own. Laurie Ceesay returns to add on to her lesson on portrait quilts. She expands on the process with line drawings. Then, Judy Coates Perez is featured in a segment we taped earlier demonstrating the process of dyeing wool. Finally it's more dyeing with Candy Glendening. Dyers who live in cold climates have fun using snow as a resist to dye; Candy's technique uses ice when there is no snow around.

View the projects from this episode by clicking here.

Laurie Ceesay demonstrates her technique for making portrait quilts
from line drawings.



Judy Coates Perez dyes wool.



Candy Glendening, right, and Pokey Bolton get ready to do some "faux"
snow dyeing.



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