Quilting Arts TV Episode 1304--Perceptions and Approaches to Quilting Today

20 Dec 2013

We all take different steps to get us to the same end result, which is a project and technique we love. Susan Brubaker Knapp begins with an image first and then transforms it into a quilt. Next, designer Ebony Love utilizes a fabric die cutter as her key element to accomplish fusible, needle turn and mock needle turn appliqué. Last is Sophie Rubin a young quilter with a grown up perspective on seeing trends.

View the projects from this episode by clicking here.

Susan Brubaker Knapp (left, with Pokey Bolton) shows how to take
an image from sketch to quilt.



Ebony Love demonstrates using a die cutter for applique projects and
provides tips on applique techniques.



Sophie Rubin (right, with Pokey Bolton) talks about shapes in fabrics.



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