Quilting Arts TV Episode 1305--Contemporary Approaches to Traditional Techniques

20 Dec 2013

There is always a lot of discussion on what makes a traditional technique have a contemporary feel. It could be the colors, it might be the simplicity of the design, and sometimes it's even negative space. Today's show features current artists sharing their interpretation of some traditional techniques. Cheryl Sleboda demonstrates dimensional fabric manipulation of circles. Then, Michelle May has an introduction to folk art fusion. The fun and whimsy of folk art is fused together with the freedom of art quilting. Finally, Max Hamrick, a dye expert from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, has a lesson on organic dyes passed down through the years.

View the projects from this episode by clicking here.

Cheryl Sleboda demonstrates dimensional fabric manipulation.


Michelle May's charming wall hanging is true folk art fusion!




Max Hamrick enlightens us about dyes from organic materials.














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