Quilting Arts TV Episode 1413--Super Cute!

20 Jun 2014

In this episode, Julie Creus shows how to turn fabric and interfacing into a folded gift box, Carrie Bloomston builds a fabric collage, and Margie Ullery teaches fusing basics while making a cute wall hanging.

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Susan Brubaker Knapp and Julie Creus on the set of "Quilting Arts TV."











Carrie Bloomston shows how to make a fabric collage.
















Margie Ullery demonstrates how to make this delicious wall hanging.
















QATV Series 1400 is now available!




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Kathy Harte wrote
on 2 Nov 2014 1:04 PM

Where is the pattern for QATV Series 1400, program 1413, Julie Creus' FOLDED GIFT BOX  ?

Thank you !

quiltwitch wrote
on 2 Nov 2014 3:51 PM

I don't see the templates for the Folded Gift Box.  Help

on 12 Nov 2014 10:15 AM

The title of the post is "Episode 1413-1: Julie Creus-Folded fabric card holder." It may be on page 2 of the project list so scroll down to the bottom to see if there is a "next" button to click. When you get to the post, click on the download button and that will lead you to a downloadable PDF of Julie's instructions. If you are not a member of the quiltingdaily.com community, you will need to sign up to obtain the download.  It's free to sign up!


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