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7 Jan 2010

Want to make a unique imprint on your handmade quilts? Learn how to create your own fabric with our latest FREE eBook, Fabric Painting: 5 Surface Design, Paint, and Monoprint Techniques from Quilting Arts. You'll learn how to paint fabric with textile paints, fabric paints, and oil sticks. Plus, create surface design elements with monoprinting techniques, fabric stamping, sun printing, fabric paint and printmaking techniques.

Monoprints are easy and fun to do. All you need to make a monoprint is some acrylic paint, a piece of glass or acrylic for your printing plate, and basic quilt art tools you probably already own. Just paint the printing surface, make designs in it, and apply your fabric. We give you two free techniques to get you started: Liz Berg shows you how to create a bold, colorful surface design in Monoprinting with Paint while Fawn Mackey creates a subtler background effect that she then applies images to in Monoprinting Fabrics for Textured Backgrounds.

Next, learn how to paint on fabric with oil sticks from expert Karen Williams in Working with Oil Sticks. This is a great textile painting technique, because the color goes right where you want it and your designs show up even on very dark backgrounds.

Finally, learn two approaches to fabric painting with dyes. In Plunging into Skydyes Fabric Painting, Mickey Lawler shows you how to use transparent paints and found objects, salt, acrylic paint, and fabric manipulations to create sun prints and unusual textures on your fabric. With Barbara Schneider's technique in Patterned Painted Cloth, you'll learn how to use transparent paints with metal tiles and sun print techniques to create classically beautiful images on fabric.

Download your free eBook, Fabric Painting: 5 Surface Design, Paint, and Monoprint Techniques from Quilting Arts now, and start creating your own unique painted fabrics today.


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ndlz wrote
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Very appreciative of the variety of information found here.  Always looking to further my knowledge in all things.