6 FREE Patchwork Quilt Projects for Contemporary Quilts

9 Mar 2010

Patchwork and quilting go hand in hand. But these days patchwork quilts, once the province of traditional quilters, have become a big piece of the contemporary art quilter's repertoire, too.

Today's quilters are applying their outside-the-square attitude to patchwork quilts and patchwork projects, turning patchwork quilting techniques literally inside-out, making quilt projects that involve fabric painting and create cutting-edge wearable art with patchwork and quilting techniques. 

Knowing how popular patchwork is, we're offering you this FREE downloadable eBook, How to Make a Quilt: 6 FREE Patchwork Quilt Projects for Contemporary Quilts, that gives you six ways to use patchwork patterns.

In two projects Malka Dubrawsky shows you how to make a small patchwork quilt. In her "Inside-out Mini Quilt" project, she turns Log Cabin quilt patterns inside-out for a distinctive, contemporary look. In her "Hexagon Mini Quilt" project, Malka demonstrates how to make a quilt from hexagon-shaped patches, using bright, contemporary prints.

Two patchwork scarf techniques are included in this free book: You get Malka's directions for turning fabric scraps into a modern scarf using patchwork piecing and a free quilt pattern. And Vivika Hansen Denegre shows you how to make a contemporary scarf using Japanese fabrics.

Finally, combine recycling with patchwork and quilting with two projects. Jeannie Palmer Moore turns men's ties into patchwork quilts unlike any you've ever seen, and Annette Morgan teaches you how to revive a cast-off quilt by painting it, cutting it up, and reassembling it patchwork-style.

Each of these techniques is fun and easy to do--and they're all just a free download away. Start making contemporary patchwork projects today. Download your free eBook, How to Make a Quilt: 6 FREE Patchwork Quilt Projects for Contemporary Quilts now.

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Didy123 wrote
on 9 Mar 2010 7:46 AM

Help! Is there a technical problem? I tried to download this and a message is coming up saying access denied! It's never happened before - can you help?

on 9 Mar 2010 7:59 AM


We are looking into the problem and will try to fix it as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Quilting Daily

shayb wrote
on 9 Mar 2010 8:43 AM

Okay, this is fixed now.

Again, we apologize for the delay.  

Please let us know if anyone has any further issues.



Edna14 wrote
on 10 Mar 2010 7:58 AM

I had to try several times, but realized I had put the wrong  email address . Once that was corrected, no problem with the download.

on 10 Mar 2010 2:57 PM

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