Are You Missing Something?

20 Jan 2011

It wasn't until I packed away all the Christmas decorations, swept up the crumbs from the goodies we'd been nibbling, and tidied the house for my mom's visit last weekend, that I realized: something was missing.

Not to sound greedy, but I think Santa might have forgotten a few things at the bottom of his bag. Guess my hints to John--I mean Santa--were a little too subtle.

Not that I didn't get some lovely and thoughtful gifts. I'm blessed with generous family members and friends. But there were a few a couple of books, videos, and art supplies I had put on my list that I still want or need.

Truth be told, I'm not really disappointed, as I can easily pick up these things for myself. Best of all, a lot of them are on sale.

In fact, that was always one of my favorite things to do as a kid: using any Christmas money I got to go out and shop for myself. I felt very grown up!

Now that I am grown up and truly know the value of a dollar, I also like to take advantage of the sales to buy presents in advance for other people's birthdays--or even the next Christmas.

For example, I know a certain someone who adores Beryl Taylor's work and would love to learn some of her mixed-media art quilt techniques.

I'm going to make a Beryl-themed package of her book, Mixed-Media Explorations; and her Workshop videos, "Layer by Layer" and "Mixed-Media Art Quilts"; as well as the "QATV" series DVDs where she appears, now that they're all 40 percent off during our Winter Wipeout Sale this week.

If you're missing something you or a friend needs to make your art quilting experience better, I recommend you take advantage of the Winter Wipeout Sale while it lasts.

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Melanie56 wrote
on 20 Jan 2011 9:47 AM

This made me laugh because in anticipation of not receiving something arty/crafty from my husband I ordered the special quilting package that was on sale before Christmas. I usually order a book and get him to give me it but not this year because I knew I might want to open it sooner. It arrived here in the UK on time and I kept it until Christmas before opening my treat. Oh how wonderful it is. I am a new quilter but a long time dressmaker, machine embroiderer etc. I have read every book and am watching the DVD's while in my sewing room. Absolute heaven.