Of Pets, Peeves, and Portrait Quilts

19 Jul 2011

dickens in my quilt fabric stash
Dickens thinks the fabric stash
makes a nice bed.
What's your pet peeve?

One of mine is when my cat, Dickens, sits on my fabric. Another is when Dickens hogs the bed.

It's irritating, but I can't get too stressed about it: Dickens is, after all, a cat. And cats do what they want, where they want. It's just that . . . he's a very large cat!

Still, I love the big, furry lug, and my other animals, too. And despite the fact that animal fur and fabric don't really mix well, it seems the majority of people in the art quilt world love pets and other animals as much if not more than I do.

Every time we host an animal-themed challenge at Quilting Arts we are inundated with submissions. For example, the amazing quilts that came in for our "Getting Pet-ty" 2012 Calendar Contest made it extremely difficult to choose the 13 winners.

We'll be featuring the Judges' Choice selections in the December/January issue of Quilting Arts, and nearly the entire issue is dedicated to the animal kingdom.

Pet portrait fiber artist Faith Cleary will demonstrate her collage technique, our Spotlight will be on an artist whose animal-related quilts are hysterically funny (if a tiny bit off-color), and portrait quilter Maria Elkins will look at how we can use notions creatively in our art quilts.

pet portrait quilt
'In the Moment' by Deborah Sonem.
The December/January issue will cover our usual array of machine and hand stitching techniques, surface design tutorials, design and composition tips, and more.

Plus, we'll have the results of our "Greatest Pet Peeve" art quilt challenge, going on now. The deadline is August 15, so you still have time to enter. Get the details on our Reader Challenge page.

Note: The "Greatest Pet Peeve" challenge is not just about pets. It can be about your spouse leaving the toothpaste cap off, people spelling your name wrong, or even not finding the magazine issue you want when you get to the store.

I can't help you with the toothpaste or your name. Heck, I can't even keep Dickens off the fabric!

But I can help you make sure you get your copy of the December/January issue of Quilting Arts. All you have to do is subscribe now.

P.S. What is your greatest quilting-related pet peeve? Leave a comment below.

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JeannineR wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 7:53 AM

Hi,  I have just subscribe for the Quilting Art book and I try to keep my # and my subcription and  proof in my favorites but it didn't register is it possible for you to send me a confirmation .Thank you ,      Also can you tell me if in the books that  I will receive there will be the one that explain how to do the quilts  were I can do the pet peeve     Thank you    Jeannine

Lindy101 wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 8:04 AM

I am extremely 'laid back' when it comes to quilting rules and quilt police and policy...so when I actually make a very concerted effort toward perfection by measuring my quilt top to bottom, side to side, right down the middle both ways-not just once but two, three times, and square it up a couple times and block it up square and it still comes out wonky on one side, I am massively pet-peeved!!!

LauraAnn wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 9:02 AM

My biggest pet peeve is the direction you seem to be going heading with Quilting Arts magazine--single topic issues.  I'll likely let my subscription lapse the next time, instead of renewing it, and just buy the single issues that might be of interested to me.  

Sally Dolin wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 9:16 AM

My greatest pet peeve is the offers you make for free issues of Quilting Arts without the information of how much the actual subscription is.  I would like to try it out - looks like something I would benefit from but if a free trial starts the subscription coming and I have to try to get it cancelled, then It's too much work from the start.  Why not lay out the whole picture before me so I can make an informed decision before I hit that button.  Spooks me out to do something without knowing what I'm getting into.

on 19 Jul 2011 9:40 AM

Thanks for the comments!

Laura Ann, you’re right, we have been giving our issues a bit of a theme lately. However, with each issue we still have a variety of articles that include tips and techniques on stitching, composition, and surface design, as well as artist interviews, galleries, and reader challenges.”

Sally, if you click through to the subscription form in the post above, it tells you exactly how many issues you will receive and the price for those issues, right on the first page.

-- The Quilting Daily Team

on 19 Jul 2011 9:58 AM

Hi Jeannine,

I am happy to hear you subscribed to Quilting Arts Magazine.  Please email me directly and I will be able to help you with your questions.  


Sally Murray


okiegirl97 wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 10:18 AM

Wow.. Let me try & steer this back to positive!! I'm hoping to enter the challenge, but I might not have enough time. My biggest peeve is people using their cell phones at the dinner table. There was a family sitting next to me at a restaurant recently & they all- dad, mom, sister, brother, dog, etc- were huddled over their own smartphones. Do people not know how to enjoy each others company any more? If anyone ever texts me to pass them the mashed potatoes, there will be some slapping!

memoose wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 12:02 PM

my biggest pet peeve is when you give someone a present, and they cant even be bothered to say thank you. Especially when the gift is handmade!

sanyara wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 12:43 PM

Dickens is GORGEOUS!!! We've been catless since our Birman passed on, & tho I used to fume about how she would always pick the darkest cord fabric in the stash to lay & shed her fur on, this minor pet peeve far outweighed by how much we missed her.  

west witch wrote
on 19 Jul 2011 2:23 PM

I also have  a large ,mostly white cat whose greatest delight is either sitting on my face while in bed or sitting on my handmade quilt which is a large hexagon backed with black, need I say more.It is being made for my DIL and is all NZ flora and fauna.the front is very colourful but the back is hairy black and white. Love the site, my first read in the morning along with my first coffee.Hugs, Bee.

SharonP@55 wrote
on 21 Jul 2011 5:29 AM

Morning all, I am new to quilting but old to pets......all of the cats can be sound asleep and I can get out a mag or a pattern to look at and POOF!

Where did they port in from?  I often catch myself thinking about what it will look like with fur on it as I am picking colors....but I love all my fur babies.

Pet peeve is the cell phone and the fact that I use to be a csr at a fast food place and the people that could not hang up the %#@!*& phone and order. Life is good so enjoy it as often as you can.....


on 22 Jul 2011 10:32 AM

My biggest quilting pet peeve is when people use my rotary cutter and leave the blade exposed!  

dfmrobinson wrote
on 2 Aug 2011 7:57 AM

Dickens is larger than any cat I have ever know and he thinks he is as small as Edgar.......Deborah