Let's Celebrate Art Quilting with a Trivia Quiz

28 Jul 2011

pokey bolton and helen gregory
Helen Gregory and I celebrate with a fist-bump on the set of "QATV."
pokey boltonI seem to be celebrating a lot of zeros this year.

First, there's the year-long celebration of Quilting Arts Magazine @10.

Last weekend I helped my mom celebrate the big 6-0.

I have a (cough) birthday coming up that ends with a zero.

And, during the season 8 of "Quilting Arts TV," we taped our 100th episode!

As I often chat in this space and my Editor's blog about behind-the-scenes antics at "QATV," I thought I'd offer up a little trivia quiz today, to celebrate this last milestone.

It's just for fun; the answers are in the P.S. at the bottom of the post.

pokey bolton
Can you guess where I am?
1. What famous museum do I always try to visit in my (very limited) off hours near the city where we tape "QATV"?

2. Why did my hair look rather odd and stiff during the taping of our first episodes of season 1?

3. What "Project Runway" winner was a guest on Season 4?

4. Which of my relatives has visited me behind the scenes in the green room?

5. Who was our youngest guest?

6. Which guest tried (and failed) to teach me to speak like an Italian?

pokey bolton
On TV, it's all about the hair.
7. Which rock band once recorded in the very same studio as the one in which we tape "QATV"? (Hint: one of my all-time faves.)

8. Which dynamic quilting duo has come the farthest to be guests on "QATV"?

9. What did I use as a booster chair in the first taping?

10. Besides the studio, what's another location we've used for taping?

So, how closely have you been paying attention to "QATV" and my blog posts? Do you think you got all the answers right?

If you think you missed anything, we've got it all on tape, as they say. Or more correctly, it's all on DVD, including Series 800, available now.

P.S. Here are the answers: 1. The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland. 2. I had to use body soap, because I'd forgotten my shampoo. 3. Jay McCarroll. 4. My mom. 5. Sophie Rubin, then age 7, daughter of eQuilter's Luana Rubin. 6. Melanie Testa. 7. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. (Can you believe it?!) 8. Linda and Laura Kemshall, all the way from the UK. 9. The Yellow Pages. 10. International Quilt Festival.

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Mimma1 wrote
on 28 Jul 2011 12:37 PM

I amazed myself - I got all but two of the answers right!