Gifts for Quilters: Fabric-Covered Jars Filled with Goodies

20 Nov 2013
I am simply in love with Lotta Jansdotter's designs. Maybe it's our shared Scandinavian heritage (she's Swedish; my ancestors hail from Denmark), but there is something about her simple, colorful, and modern fabric collections that I can't resist.

gifts for quilters fabric covered jars
Handmade gift ideas: Fill glass jars with edibles
(or sewing notions) and top with fabric-covered
lids. (By Lotta Jansdotter)

In addition to her Windham Fabrics collaboration, Lotta has designed patterns and motifs that adorn all kinds of products, from porcelain and paper goods to rugs.

I think her cheerful fabrics look great in the kitchen as well as stitched into quilts. I can think of a dozen handmade gift ideas where Lotta's fabrics could be the star.

Lotta's grandmother taught her how to create festive edible gifts packaged in glass jars with pretty fabric-covered lids. Lotta shared her technique in Modern Patchwork Winter 2014, and as it's that time of year, I thought I'd share it with you. Your precious fabric scraps and remnants are perfect for this project.

Lotta's Fabric-Covered Lids


  • Jar with a screw lid
  • Spray adhesive
  • Fabric scraps


1. Cut out a circle that is big enough to cover your lid. Make sure that you include the inside lip too.

2. Position the fabric circle right side down and apply spray adhesive. tip: Spray adhesive can be a bit sticky, so make sure you cover and protect your work surface.

3. Center the lid on the fabric, making sure that the fabric adheres nice and flat. Smooth and stretch the fabric a little by gently pulling the edges of the circle.

homemade gift ideas fabric covered lids
By folding and gluing the fabric under
the lip of the lid, you give them a clean
and contemporary look.

4. Fold up a section of the fabric so it adheres to the outside of the lid lip. Now you need to snip a slit every 1/4"or so on the remaining fabric. This way you can fold the fabric over the lid easier. Press the flaps over the side of the cover and adhere them to the interior of the lip.

These jars also make pretty storage containers for the kitchen or studio. Fill them with buttons, bobbins, pins, or thread spools, and they make perfect gifts for quilters.

Read all about Lotta and her creative process, plus get fresh ideas, quilt patterns, and other projects in Modern Patchwork Winter 2014.

P.S. If someone gave you a jar full of goodies, what would you like to receive? Leave a comment below.

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CatNa wrote
on 21 Nov 2013 1:00 PM

I have a  gallon jar of old vintage sewing "stuff" I keep in my sewing room, I love old wooden spools of thread and have always thought a big jar full of old wooden spools with some colorful thread would be very pretty!

I'll have enough old spools one day to do it!  

on 25 Nov 2013 9:50 AM

Money -  would be a nice place to store change so that everyone always can find some when the ice-cream van comes.

Narjo wrote
on 25 Nov 2013 7:56 PM

I would love a jar of vintage buttons. It would be pretty on a shelf.

Narjo wrote
on 25 Nov 2013 7:57 PM

I would love a jar of vintage buttons. It would be pretty on a shelf.

dno3300 wrote
on 7 Dec 2013 1:55 PM

Marbles, lots and lots of all sizes and colors :D