Get Organized: Baskets You Can Quilt in a Day

22 Jan 2014

In keeping with my goal this year of making art every day, I'm keeping my eye out for quick sewing and quilting projects.

quilt in a day storage baskets by candy glendening
Hanging storage baskets you can quilt
in a day, by Candy Glendening.
While I was shooting "Quilting Arts TV" episodes last fall with host Pokey Bolton, I took note of some of the small quilting projects my fellow guest artists demonstrated.

Candy Glendening showed how to make organization baskets you can quilt in a day. Candy starts by stitching a sheet of foam stabilizer to the fabric, using a walking foot. She sews three lines straight across the piece as her baseline, then free-motion stitches wavy lines on either side.

Once the fabric is stabilized, Candy adds free-motion stitching to write the label on the basket-such as mail, coupons, etc.

Then she free-motions decorative stitching and appliqué before constructing the pouch tote bag-style.

Here are some of Candy's tips for making these baskets:

stabilizing the small quilt project with stitching
Candy stabilizes the fabric with three straight-across
lines in the center and adds more decorative lines
on either side.

tweezers make applique placement easier
Candy places her leaf appliques with a tweezers.
1. Use a thick, slightly variegated cotton thread for your thread sketching, so it will stand out against the fabric.

2. Stitch the word label on the basket before adding your free-motion decoration. That way, you will make sure there is room to put your word where you want it, without overlapping the stitching.

3. Remove the paper backing from your fused appliqué fabric before freehand cutting your motifs. If the paper is left in place, it can distort the shapes as you cut.

4. Use tweezers to place your fused appliqués. It's easier to see where you're placing them and they won't stick to your fingers.

Maybe I can reduce my family's clutter with a few of these hanging organizer baskets. Full directions for the baskets are available here.

You can watch Candy make the baskets, plus learn how to make small quilting projects like a passport cover, prayer flags, button pillows, and more on QATV Series 1300.

P.S. How are you making out on your quilting goals this year? Leave your comment below.

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on 25 Jan 2014 1:49 PM

Could you explain in more detail how you mount the rail on your wall to hang these?  What do you need to do this? Thanks!

nbjohnson wrote
on 26 Jan 2014 8:26 AM

Yes, I'm confused about the rail as well.

on 30 Mar 2014 11:10 PM

I Just saw these questions! I made these baskets to go on a rail you can get from Ikea:

All 3 fit nicely side by side on it. I love how they mounted them singly in the photograph for the magazine, but have no idea how they did it. Probably some dowels with something similar to the brackets that come with cafe curtain rods?

RosieGma wrote
on 5 Jul 2014 2:45 PM

Hi, I made these but instead of using a rail, I used a shower rod and end caps that screwed into my window frame next to my sewing machine, now I have pockets for patterns, sissors, and such....

Kakieirene wrote
on 30 Aug 2015 5:55 PM

Is there a brand name for the foam stabilizer sheets you used? Where can I get them?