Quilting Arts Magazine June/July 2008

Fabric design with discharge dyeing, crayon rubbing, and painting; using your stash; digital design; machine needle felting; stamped fabrics with Adinkra symbols; designing with thread scraps; image transfers on fabric and paper; surface design in fabric collage; silk bowls; mounting quilts; “True Colors” challenge results; Goddess on cochineal. On the Cover: Quilt by Frances Holliday Alford




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Fulvia Luciano

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Goddess of the Last Minute
Robbi Joy Eklow




Lost in the Stash       
Frances Holliday Alford

Get inspired by what’s on-hand        

Textural Play
Rose Hughes
Discharge dyeing, crayon rubbing, & paint

Digital Design Principles: Part I
Gloria Hansen
Computer-aided design

Artist Profile: Maya Schonenberger
Cate Coulacos Prato

Stepping Out
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Take machine needle felting to the next level

Adinkra: Cloth from the Heart
Lisa Kerpoe
Create stamps for meaningful fabrics

Thread Trash
Connie Fahrion
Using old threads for new surfaces

Different Points of View
Annette Morgan
Working with fabric and paper transfers

On the Surface
Denise Linet
Combining surface design techniques

Beautiful Silk Bowls
Kath Danswan
Make elegant bowls from simple cocoons

Against the Grain
Carol Wiebe
A painterly approach to mounting your quilt

Results from our “True Colors”
Paper Quilt Reader Challenge




Bowl by Kath Danswan

Art quilt by Carol Wiebe

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