Quilting Arts October/November 2010

Fresh surface design techniques and much more! Screen printing with shredded paper; oatmeal resist; digital imagery; thread sketching; tie-transfer dyeing; wire embellishment; sell your art; and the list goes on!

Learn strategies for selling your artwork at fairs and festivals from Jane Dávila’s Minding Your Business column. Explore oatmeal as a resist in the first of several articles on resists from the kitchen by Lisa Kerpoe. Check out Susan Brubaker Knapp’s latest thread sketching column, in which she focuses on pattern. Learn to transfer pattern and color from men’s silk ties to silk fabrics. Discover how Leslie Tucker Jenison uses shredded paper for screen printing and other surface design techniques. Get ideas for using your stash to create unique “Boro Baubles” with Victoria Gertenbach. See how Mary Vaneecke derives inspiration from the past. Don’t miss Mary Hettmansperger’s second column on using metal as a surface embellishment; this time she explores wire. Discover ideas for creating one-of-a-kind fabrics, from needle-felted fabrics to fabrics printed with digital imagery. Enjoy Robbi Joy Eklow’s take on the future generation of sewers. Learn all about the work and approach of profiled artist Shelley Brenner Baird. Don’t miss the Judges’ Choice selection of quilts from the 2011 Calendar Contest. Read about how quilt artist Mary Buchanan derives inspiration for her work. And see a fabulous collection of bold and daring art quilts from the “Beneath the Surface” exhibit. Cover art by Kathy York




Download a design from Susan Brubaker Knapp.

View more artwork by Shelley Brenner Baird, Kathy Barinholtz, Mary Buchanan, and Connie Rose.

See an additional piece by Kathy Kerstetter and learn more about how she creates her mini hand-stitched artworks.

Check out tools used by Mary Hettmansperger.

Chat about the business of art quilting in our Minding Your Own Business forum.

Find the guildelines for the 2012 Quilting Arts Calendar Contest.


Susan Brubaker Knapp



Thread Sketching 101
Susan Brubaker Knapp
Lesson 5: Focus on pattern

The Transfer Dyeing
Kathy Barinholtz
Create uniquely patterned fabrics from repurposed men's attire

Transforming Discards into Art
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Surface design and mixed media with shredded paper

Resists from the Kitchen
Lisa Kerpoe
Ingredient 1: Oatmeal

Abstract Ditial Imagery 
Connie Rose
An easy approach to creating one-of-a-kind fabrics

Making "Boro Bobbles"
Victoria Gertenbach
A fun, fanciful use ofr your scraps

Everything Old is New Again
Mary Vaneecke
Inspirations for contemporary quilt design in antique imagery

Needle-Felted Fabrics from Scratch
Kathy Kerstetter
How to create a felted stash

Metal as a Surface Embellishment

Mary Hettmansperger
Part 2:  Wire


Artist Profile:  Shelley Brenner Baird 
Pippa Eccles

2011 Calendar Contest Judges' Choice

Beneath the Surface 
A gallery of inspiring art quilts

In the Spotlight: 
Mary T. Buchanan





Connie Rose


Editor's Note

Letters from Readers

Call for Entries

About Our Contributors

Book Reviews

Minding Your Business
Jane Dávila
Selling your art at fairs and festivals. 


Classifieds and
Ad Index

Goddess of the Last Minute
by Robbi Joy Eklow

Kathy Kerstetter

Victoria Gertenbach


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hpthecat wrote
on 28 Sep 2010 2:44 AM

My issue arrived....and it is missing the first 26 pages....it came sealed in plastic...nothing appeared torn in the inside binding....I opened the front cover and there was...page 27 and the middle of an article on laminating paper to fabric.

Did anyone else experience this? Problems at the printer? Will a re ship or the first 26 pages be compensated for or provided somehow???

mupham wrote
on 28 Sep 2010 8:05 AM

I've not received mine yet.  I thought they were suppose to ship on 9/3/10.

jenruss wrote
on 1 Oct 2010 8:13 AM

Hi, I have not yet received my issue, either (today is October 1st!)

I, too, thought the magazine was shipping the 3rd of September as published on the website, so I called subscriptions mid month and I was told my issue was shipping the follwing week, which would have arrived no later than the 25th.  I called again yesterday and I was told it would be ANOTHER 7-10 days!

I am frustrated and dissappointed--I worked for a magazine for 3 years and I cannot think of a production problem big enough to be causing such a delay, particularly without providing an explanation to subscribers.

pookster43 wrote
on 7 Oct 2010 4:26 AM

I think that is the most frustrating. There are emails EVERY DAY about what is available for sale, but NOTHING about what is happening to what we have already paid for - a subscription. I STILL don't have my Oct/Nov issue of QA. Living in Canada, this is an ongoing problem for me. It may be more expensive in the end, but after all these years, I think that I will not renew my subscription next year. I tried the digital editions, but access to those is kind of hit and miss as well.

debdidit wrote
on 14 Oct 2010 9:18 AM

I love, love, LOVE this issue! I have already done 3 projects from it....I blogged about it here...diddebdoit.blogspot.com/.../silk-tie-dyeing.html

Thank you for a wonderful issue this month!  Deb Taylor

norpine98 wrote
on 19 Oct 2010 9:33 PM

I was thinking that it may have just been me waiting for my next issue of the magazine but it seems others much closer geographically also have problems. My Oct/Nov issue has still not arrived [Oct 20th] and all items that I order take a very long time to find their way to Australia. I hope that the next issue does arrive soon as I find it very frustrating finding the issue on the shelf at the newsagents but have not received my copy. Fingers are crossed.

pat larson wrote
on 21 Oct 2010 11:51 AM

I have not received my digital magazine--what is going on?

hpthecat wrote
on 28 Nov 2010 1:56 AM

Something weird is going on.....I sent an e-mail to customer service...they said they would replace my originally shipped magazine--the one bound without the first 26 pages. But I have never received it....and it is not November 27.

When I did my subscription I was offered a deal to take Quilting Arts and ClothPaperScissors--I still have never received a Cloth Paper Scissors even though my account with this company says I am subscribed to it. The two were paid for together....

Is anyone else having problems?

Alneron wrote
on 28 Nov 2010 2:09 PM

oups I am a new subscriber from Canada and I didn't receice anything yet. Those comments are a little bit scary. I hope that Interweave Cie will answet to those comments. Please somebody answer!

CieMT wrote
on 4 Dec 2010 9:27 AM

I Paid for my subscription in aug, still waiting, says on the system shiped 11/9/2010

omri wrote
on 7 Dec 2010 9:47 AM

Where is the December/January issue of QA?

The table of contents is not posted on the website for current issue.

Subscribers info says it was mailed a month ago.

I'm used to the issue arriving late (living in Canada), but not to have the table of contents posted on the sixth day of the month is absurd.

I did talk to someone yesterday who has her digital copy.

What's up Pokey?  I agree with the posters who wonder if you are spending too much energy trying to get us to buy from the interweave store and not enough to provide us what we love - QA mag!!!