Quilting Arts October/November 2011

Master your machine quilting with our stitch intensive issue. Explore new free-motion quilting motifs and learn how to use zippers to embellish your art quilts. Judy Coates Perez shares her guide to machine quilting success, Margaret Applin takes art quilts from flat to fabulous with digital monoprinting, and Bonnie Wedge shares her technique for using recycled material in her quilts. Plus clever low-cost surface design processes including homemade silk screens and an introduction to block printing. See Susan Lenz's stitched stained glass and grave rubbing art quilts. Learn more about art quilter Izabella Baykova in her Q & A with Martha Sielman, and see new stitch work by Paula Chung. 




View more work by Margaret Applin, Izabella Baykova, Paula Chung, Jamie Fingal, Susan Lenz, Judy Coates Perez, Bonnie Wedge, and Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum.

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Jamie Fingal


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Goddess of the Last Minute
Robbi Joy Eklow

                                    Margaret Applin


Stitch This! Free-Motion Quilting Motifs
to Try

Heather Thomas
Part 5

Put a Little Zip in Your Art Quilts
Jamie Fingal
Designing and embellishing with zippers

An Embroidered Garden
Ellen Anne Eddy
Wild zigzag free-motion stitching

Machine Quilting
Judy Coates Perez
A guide to success

From Flat to Fabulous
Margaret Applin
Creating with digital monoprints

Recycled Art Quilting
Bonnie Wedge
Embellish with metal from soda cans

Really Reusable Organza Silk Screens
Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum

A Starter's Guide to Block Printing
Jamie Malden
Using wooden blocks to print on fabric

Resists from the Kitchen
Lisa Kerpoe
Ingredient 6: Combining resists



               Susan Lenz


Artist Profile: Susan Lenz
Ellen Seeburger

Artist Q & A: Izabella Baykova
Martha Sielman

Results from the 'Tag, You're It!'
Reader Challenge

In the Spotlight
Paula Chung

           Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum

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HelenH23 wrote
on 20 Sep 2011 2:09 PM

Can I buy this issue digitally? Not a subscription - just this issue. I love the feathers as shown in your newsletter.

Cheers from New Zealand - land of the All Blacks.

pinguin60 wrote
on 21 Sep 2011 5:33 AM

Hi Helen,

you will be able to buy a single digital issue through Zinio soon (at the moment their most current issue is the aug/sept one)

on 22 Sep 2011 11:15 AM

I have a subscription but I cannot find anywhere to click to read the current issue. I'm looking on page www.quiltingdaily.com/.../quilting-arts-october-november-2011.aspx

The best I have managed is by clicking on 'Digital Subscriptions' at the bottom of the page, but that gets me to August/September issue.

Please help

on 26 Sep 2011 6:51 PM

In this issue on the article about Ellen Anne Eddy, it says I can see more of her work on-line.  Where is it, I can't find it.  I am a member and have signed in.


CarolineA wrote
on 27 Sep 2011 9:12 AM

At least you can access your subscription accounts - I tried mine and they say it doesn't exist! Considering I took out a digital subscription in April, that sucks. Someone's maths is way off!

The digital version has to be downloaded via Zinio and uses Adobe Air, not the best method of reading any magazine, but if you go to the download page and scroll to the bottom you can get hold of a pdf version, which can then be transfered to an-reader, instead of being tied to the computer and hooked up to the internet all the time if you want to read it.

smith1028 wrote
on 28 Sep 2011 9:26 PM

Where are the "free" digital images from Margaret Applin that are mentioned in the article? I found the three images of her work but nothing else. It would be nice if there was more information given than just "go to" Quilting Arts! This is a big site and it's not very user friendly.

dorthmcr wrote
on 30 Sep 2011 11:02 PM


taxingwoman wrote
on 8 Oct 2011 1:36 AM

I have subscribed digital + paper copy of mag. As I live in Australia, I thought why wait, buy both & access now. I even got a message telling me I could access the digital right now, but I can't access any of the articles. What's the secret? Very disappointing, I can tell you. Also, one of the comments below says to go to the download page. Where is this located?

Taxingwoman in Western Australia

quilter375 wrote
on 30 Oct 2011 6:42 PM

I too was unable to find Margaret Applins free digital designs. I sent two emails and all I was told was to go to this page. My second email was not answered at all. I consider myself computer saavy and still have difficulty navigating this site.