TAGS: Fabric Painting + Fabric Art

  • Quilting Arts Magazine, August/Sept. 2014

    This issue of Quilting Arts will inspire you to create with color and experiment with surface design. With more the 27 colorful art quilts featured in this issue, creativity and inspiration are at your fingertips. Spacer 15x15 pixels

    Highlights of this magazine include:

    • Thread Dyeing 101 with Carol Soderlund & Melanie Testa
    • Thread Sketching for Beginners with Susan Brubaker Knapp
    • Custom Lettering on Cloth with Mary Ruzich
    • Faux Snow Dyeing with Candy Glendening



  • Quilting Arts August/September 2012

    Discovery and creativity abound in the newest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.  Focused on the art of the embellished quilt, this issue is overflowing with unique applications of beads, paint, ink, felting, and more. Explore profile artist Diane Savona's unique methods of burying embellishments under the surface of her quilts. Learn about the life and whimsical work of quilting pioneer Therese May. Hand stitching and machine felting are combined in Liz Kettle's fun and funky ruffled wool cuffs. We shine the spotlight on the beaded quilts and hand stitched artistry of Lisa Binkley. For those who use digital technology, check out Margaret Applin's article using Photoshop, and Jennifer Rapacki's comparison of prepared inkjet fabric sheets. All this and more than 30 gorgeous quilts for your inspiration!

  • Quilting Arts February/March 2012

    Celebrate art quilt collaboration in the newest issue of Quilting Arts. Learn about the award-winning Coastal Quilt Artists, a husband and wife quilting team, and the Twelve by Twelve challenge group. Create stitched fiber photographs, make a monoprinted art quilt, and construct an artful and embellished fabric house. Plus all the latest art quilting techniques including how to create surfaces for stitch and remove color from fabric. Enjoy a gallery of inspiring art quilts and the results from the Quilting Arts Fabric Swap.  


  • Quilting Arts August/September 2011

    Check out our surface design issue, full of fresh techniques to create your own fabrics. Stamp and stencil with unusual objects, learn to dye with ice, explore finger painting on cloth, and much more; plus art quilts meet mixed media, color theory for art quilters, tips on working in a series, and our first ever Extreme Quilt Makeover. Cover art by Benedicte Caneill

  • Quilting Arts June/July 2010

    Inspiration and techniques! Thread sketching; needle felting; hand stitching; recycled sweaters; 3-D embellishments; batik with soy wax; Dunnewold on design; circular quilts; “Inner Animal”; and more! Continue thread sketching with Susan Brubaker Knapp, with a focus on texture. Learn Jane LaFazio’s techniques for creating colorful and unique fiber art that encompasses needle felting and hand stitching. Discover how squares from recycled and felted wool sweaters serve as the base for Morna Crites-Moore’s embellished art quilts. Explore soy wax batik alongside Melanie Testa. Use fabric-covered wireform mesh to create sculptural elements. Learn about the inspiration and techniques behind Victoria Gertenbach’s wonderfully graphic quilts. Take a sneak peek at Jane Dunnewold’s new book: Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design for Fabrics. Check out Laura Wasilowski’s method for creating small circular quilts with colorful fused appliqué and quick-wrapped edges. Gain insight from Jane Dávila on taking commissions. Enjoy more inner animal reader challenge results. Get to know art quilters Geneviève Attinger and Sylvie Ladame. Read about the smokestacks and factories featured in Elizabeth Barton’s industrial landscape quilts. And don’t miss Goddess Robbi Joy Eklow’s recent home décor adventures. Cover art by Diane Núñez

  • Quilting Arts April/May 2010

    In the April/May 2010 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, treat yourself to: more thread sketching with Susan Brubaker Knapp, focusing on line; silk-screen printing onto disposable facial washcloths with Leslie Tucker Jenison; Pokey’s journal quilt-sized and fabric collaged pet portraits; Susan Carlson’s methods for freeform fabric collage; Cindi Huss's ideas for working with felt and and stitch; Connie Rose’s quilt collages made from her exquisite surface-designed fabrics; "Let Our Your Inner Animal!" Reader Challenge results; Terry Grant's step-by-step reworking of an older quilt; an Artist Profile of Diane Marie Chaudiere; Jane Dávila's ideas for how to brand yourself as an artist; and Goddess Robbi Joy Eklow's discussion of UFOs! Cover art by Susan Brubaker Knapp

  • Quilting Arts August September 2009

    A gelatin monoprint process; Asian-inspired, richly embroidered accessories; creating with silk: painted and beaded trees; printing with incised rubbing plates and non-toxic materials; the effective artist statement; The Lowell Fiber Studio; Artist Profile; The Whisper Challenge, and more. Cover quilt by Frances Holliday Alford.

  • Quilting Arts Magazine October/November 2007

    Digital imagery; delicate design with silk, lace, flower petals, and machine embroidery; the Kemshalls on finishing with embroidery, foil, and color; quilted fabric sculpture; textural book wraps; large-scale photograph quilts; thread sketching on stabilizer; showing artwork; binding techniques; embellishments; "Doorway to Imagination" challenge results; Goddess on TV. On the Cover: "Expectation" by Cordula Kloefkorn

  • Quilting Arts Magazine April/May 2007

    Finding Inspiration; Scale, proportion, and balance; Finding Your Voice with Fabric Collage; silk painting with resist; understanding tone, value, and light and dark to create mood and feeling; Artist Profile: Frances Holliday Alford; five artists, one quilt; holographic effects; contour drawing with your sewing machine; Small Wonders VIII sample gallery; Goddess on repurposing and recycling. On the cover: Detail from Kathy York's "Fauna" quilt