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Explore the nuances of threadwork and embroidery in your next project as you use stitch to embellish, create a focal point, or to add visual and physical texture. Discover how Luke Haynes utilizes recycled textiles to create art quilts that speak to the human element of quilting, see how Judith Larzelere uses the strip-piecing technique to explore color from vibrant brights to a variety of whites, and be blown away by the impeccable quilts our readers made. Browse the pages of the February/March 2015 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine to uncover ideas that will inspire you to take up needle and thread!


Recent Issues

  • Quilting Arts Magazine June/July 2007

    Design primer: space, notion, and rhythm; the Kemshalls on sketchbooks; rubber stamp stencils and Paintstiks®; paint and dye with Lutradur®; exploring fusible thread, water-soluble fabrics, and more; expanded squares with Jane Dunnewold; "Flower Power"paper quilt challenge results; straight-stitch piecing and machine appliqué; melted Tinsel; "What's in a Name" challenge results; Goddess on art classes. On the Cover: Detail from "Field of Gaillardia" by Sylvia Polk

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  • Quilting Arts Magazine April/May 2007

    Finding Inspiration; Scale, proportion, and balance; Finding Your Voice with Fabric Collage; silk painting with resist; understanding tone, value, and light and dark to create mood and feeling; Artist Profile: Frances Holliday Alford; five artists, one quilt; holographic effects; contour drawing with your sewing machine; Small Wonders VIII sample gallery; Goddess on repurposing and recycling. On the cover: Detail from Kathy York's "Fauna" quilt

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  • Quilting Arts Magazine February/March 2007

    Theme-based work; Tim Gunn makes Wearables Work for You; designer labels; machine needle felting; Clear Vision: Part II; pricing your art; textural surfaces; The role of tradition in quiltmaking; MetroTextural; More results from our Abstract Art Quilt Reader Challenge; Goddess on knitting. On the Cover: "Two Sunflowers" by Lucie Summers

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  • Quilting Arts Winter 2006

    Art Design Primer: Color and Value; Xpandaprint; Artist Profile: Deidre Adams;create transparent quilt art; Frayed Edges group; water-soluble stabilizers; creating translucency; The making of an art quilt; creative coffee cuffs; magical card case; results from our Abstract Art Quilt Reader Challenge; Goddess on "Project Runway."

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  • Quilting Arts Fall 2006

    Art Design Primer: Unity and Focal Point; Embellishing with Attitude; MajorMinors II South African Fibreworks Exhibition; Artist Profile: Karen Stiehl Osborn; Embellished Stitches & Exotic Threads; Interview with South African Artist: Rosalie Dace; Art Quilts at the Sedgwick; The Art of Journal Quilting; 2007 Calendar Contest Judges' Choice; stitch sampler; From Crafty Silk Flowers to Sheer Sensation; Goddess on quilt design. On the cover: Detail of "Garden Dreams" by Mai-Britt Axelson

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  • Quilting Arts Summer 2006

    Twisted Insertion Stitches; sun prints; The Art of Abstraction: Part II; Artist Profile: Linda and Laura Kemshall; Quilting with Hand-dyed and Discharged Cloth; Deconstructed Screenprinting; Journal quilter Jeanne Williamson; More Results from our "Creative Self-portrait Challenge"; working with vanishing muslin; Men of Biblical Portion; Goddess on left-handedness and quilting.

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