Modern Patchwork 2012

Modern Patchwork is a special issue of Quilting Arts Magazine for today's quilters and sewists. Featuring quick and stylish items with a modern-day appeal, Modern Patchwork 2012 is packed with inspiration! The contemporary and fresh aesthetic of these projects pays tribute to the modern revival of patchwork, integrating traditional and innovative techniques to create items that are tasteful and unique.

Packed with contemporary projects of every type, inside Modern Patchwork, you'll find fabulous gift ideas, exciting home-décor projects, items to enhance your cooking and dining experiences, plus totes and bags of all sorts! The quilts include everything from quick and easy strip-pieced quilts to true wall art.




Wonky Stripe Pillow
by Cindy Grisdela



From the Editor
Helen Gregory

Quilting the Modern Way
Alissa Haight Carlton

Fresh Fabrics for Spring
Lindsey Murray
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Sewing Basics
Tools, Techniques, & Terms

Book Reviews
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How to Hang Small Quilts Using Framing Corners
Sheryl Schleicher

Project Index


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Easy One-Piece Eyeglass Case
Deborah Stanley

Roll-up Outdoor Concert Quilt
Lisa Chin
Use oilcloth for the base and make pockets for goodies

Cell Phone Case
Mary Claire Allen

Patchwork Watchbands
Debby McCullough

Travel Laundry Bag
Angela Pingel

Fold-Over Cell Phone Holder
Diane Rusin Doran

Sophisticated & Stylish Wallet
Brigitte Heitland

Ladybug Cape & Grasshopper Wings
Deborah Fisher



Quick Fused Napkin Rings
Aimee Raymond

Reflected Wedges Table Runner
Jacquie Gering

Free-Motion Stitched Place Mats
Helen Gregory

Scrappy Oven Mitt
Kaelin Telschow
Protect both hands with one mitt

Easy Quilted Potholders
Ashley Newcomb
Learn a string piecing technique

Quick & Easy Coasters
Debbie Grifka

Personalized Place Mats
Krista Fleckenstein

Chevron Patchwork Apron
Mary Claire Allen


Nine Patch Rearranged
Vivika Hansen DeNegre

City Beat Quilt
Mary Claire Allen

Summersville Blooms Quilt
Lucie Summers

Twinkle Star Quilt
Debbie Grifka

Linen Square-Block Quilt
Siobhan Rogers

Large-Scale Strip Quilt
Siobhan Rogers

Crisscross Posies Quilt
Mary Walter

Color Swatch Wall Hanging
Sheryl Schleicher

Pretty Little Tote Bag
by Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Ladybug Cape and Grasshopper Wings
by Deborah Fisher


Patchwork Evening Clutch
Amy Ellis

A Personalized Tote
J. Ana Flores Beckett
Make interchangeable pockets

Laptop Computer Case
Helen Gregory

Pretty Little Tote Bag
Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Convertible Tote
Candy Glendening
Create three bags in one

Easy Quilted Potholders
by Ashley Newcomb


Set of Nesting Baskets
Candy Glendening

Wonky Stripe Pillows
Cindy Grisdela
Combine bright colors with free-form shapes

Free-Motion Stitched Door Hangers
Jill Brummett Tucker

Quilted Patchwork Pillow
Amy Ellis

Doorknob Hanger for Baby's Room
Tina Lewis

Hanging Flags Fusible-Applique Pillow
Melissa Lunden

Log Cabin Patchwork Pillow for Grandpa
Sherry Goshen
Use photo-transfer techniques

Modern Mirror
Jane Davila
Display gorgeous fabrics with a classic sunburst motif

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We're pleased to announce our latest special issue, Modern Patchwork Magazine, is now available for

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I really love the Modern Patchwork issue. I wish it was a magazine all it's own!  ;)

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