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  • Why The Sopranos Quilt Didn't Get Made

    As my friends know all too well, I am slightly obsessed with HBO's The Sopranos , and inspired by a recent call for entries for an upcoming show in Long Beach , I came darn close to formally entering an art quilt dedicated to my Jersey boys. But there was only one event on this planet that could...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 7 May 2008
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  • Recap of International Quilt Festival/Chicago

    International Quilt Festival/Chicago was such a blast––a heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited and participated in Make It University!(TM) with Cloth Paper Scissors. The area buzzed with energy, creativity, and laughs the entire weekend, thanks to all of the artists who donated their time in Open...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 15 Apr 2008
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  • Opportunities Knock

    Wanted! We have some very exciting publicity and publishing opportunities that I wanted you, dear blog reader, to find out about first. (Many of these aren’t even on the submissions pages yet on our website.) Go Green Quilt by Frances Holliday Alford 1. Quilting Arts is actively seeking submissions...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 27 Mar 2008
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  • QA TV Series 200 Sneak Peek

    We’ve started taping for Series 200 of QA TV and I thought to give you a special, behind-the-scenes sneak-peek at how we put this together. It all begins months in advance when Kathie Stull (owner/producer) and I discuss the themes for each episode. At minimum, I’m typically responsible for a three-minute...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 29 Jan 2008
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  • <Blank>1

    Apologies for the two-week absence, but I have been bowled over by a few important deadlines this month and I’ve also managed to catch the flu (no fun). While I sip chicken broth, huddled under my great grandmother’s quilt, I thought to share some happenings and opportunities: See what we make you do...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 17 Jan 2008
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  • Quilting Arts TV

    For me ringing in the New Year often means a cozy night curled on the couch, TV clicker in hand, watching a frost-bitten *** Clark countdown to midnight. However, this New Year’s is a little more thrilling… because that stroke of midnight means Quilting Arts TV will soon be making its debut around the...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 31 Dec 2007
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  • Four bits of news from Quilting Arts Headquarters

    1. Make It University! with Cloth Paper Scissors at International Quilt Festival is taking place in less than two weeks! If you can't come to the show (and we'll certainly miss you) you can still be a part of the fun if you send in some Fat Inchies. Send us up to ten and we'll send back the...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 18 Oct 2007
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  • QA TV Becomes a Reality!

    We're mid-way through taping Quilting Arts TV so I thought it would be fun to share my journey with you thus far. Let the pictures do the talking... I had to chuckle when I boarded my flight to the taping and saw this on the back of the seat in front of me. We've all seen this critical, life...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 12 Sep 2007
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  • Oh the weather outside is delightful

    The calendar says the summer solstice will blessedly be upon us in a few days, but in Editorial Land, this can only mean one thing: How are those holiday issues shapin' up? Admittedly I'm still thawing out from last winter, but while I'm deadheading flowers and grilling veggie burgers it's...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 17 Jun 2007
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  • Odds and Ends

    Almost here! 1000 Artist Trading Cards is not available until next month, but I got my advanced copy a short while ago. What I love most about this gallery-style book is that these ATCs bridge both the art quilt and collage worlds. Lots of styles, themes, and techniques represented with your work. We'll...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 20 Mar 2007
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  • <Blank>5

    I'm home in body but not in brain, so let the pictures of International Quilt Festival in Houston do the talking! See those relaxed, confident smiles on Virginia and Nancy's faces? Just the night before, they counted the loot from the FFAC postcards that had sold thus far for Market & Festival...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 8 Nov 2006
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  • Seven days until Houston!

    Now the countdown really begins--one week until the Houston festivities commence! Quilting Arts Magazine/Cloth Paper Scissors® are taking out four booths in the Make It University section (right smack in the middle of the vendor area) and we are planning for a really exciting, creative time. I'll...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 24 Oct 2006
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  • Interview with Debbi Crane

    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (code for cyberspace) a lonely, art-starved editor thought to free herself from her type-filled, copyediting, desk-chained days by hosting an ATC blog swap. Soon, news of the blog swap spread like spilled walnut ink, and artists from all regions of our crackle...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 22 Sep 2006
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  • In Thanks

    I’m simply overwhelmed with the outpouring of support I’ve gotten over the past week. Thanks everyone for the kind words on my father. I’ve been feeling a maelstrom of emotions: grief, of course, coupled with compassion for all of you dealing with cancer or caring for a loved one with cancer; gratified...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 9 Sep 2006
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  • Fabric Collage Postcards and ATCs

    I just got the sweetest letter yesterday from a seven-year-old boy named Will. I met him this past spring in Chicago at Make It U! and I remember finding him staring up at the wall of fabric ATCs we had displayed. Eyes wide, mouth agape, and neck craned at an impossible angle, he was obviously taking...
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