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  • Tricks and Treats

    What's that saying: When the cat's away the mice will play? My husband's been out of town for the past week, and while he was gone, play I did… A few things have been on my mind lately: my beautiful hometown of San Francisco, the Grateful Dead (who have a new CD set out ), and of course Halloween...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 7 Oct 2008
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  • Collage & Quilt Opportunities Abound (and Meet the Joneses)

    Virginia Spiegel’s e-newsletter popped into my in-box earlier this week, letting me know that another Collage Mania auction to raise funds for the American Cancer Society will be taking place. Virginia’s efforts to raise funds and rally artists for ACS are unparalleled; she has raised more than $165...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 4 Sep 2008
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  • Dog Days of Summer and a Giveaway

    Did you know that not only is today the summer solstice but equally momentous is the fact that it's National Take Your Dog to Work Day ? We, at Quilting Arts have truly gone to the dogs. Today we have four of man's best friends here sniffing around desks, barking at the UPS man, and generally...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 20 Jun 2008
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  • Thermofax Screen Printing

    A sample of my hand-dyed and screen-printed fabrics. What would you do if you had a month off and could do any one activity? If I could take this kind of time, I'd scamper off to some secret destination (preferably a small creekside cottage in Sedona), and shlep plenty of Procion dyes, Jacquard and...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 11 Jun 2008
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  • I’ve been tagged, News for ATC Trade at International Quilt Festival/Long Beach, and a Fat Quarter Giveaway!

    Art quilter Mary Stori tagged me earlier this spring and as I just enjoyed a three-day weekend, I had a little time on my hands to finally put to paper a few bits about me. (And if you want to skip all that and jump to Quilt/ Collage news and the Fat Quarter Giveaway, move along to #7!) 7 Tidbits: 1...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 27 May 2008
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  • Opportunities Knock

    Wanted! We have some very exciting publicity and publishing opportunities that I wanted you, dear blog reader, to find out about first. (Many of these aren’t even on the submissions pages yet on our website.) Go Green Quilt by Frances Holliday Alford 1. Quilting Arts is actively seeking submissions...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 27 Mar 2008
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  • Studio Space

    For all of you Project Runway fanatics, you may have been surprised by the size of Christian Siriano's studio when Tim Gunn paid him a visit on last week's episode. Upon seeing Christian's cramped space, Tim said, "Wow, you really know how to make it work!" (By the way, for a rather...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 29 Feb 2008
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  • <Blank>1

    Apologies for the two-week absence, but I have been bowled over by a few important deadlines this month and I’ve also managed to catch the flu (no fun). While I sip chicken broth, huddled under my great grandmother’s quilt, I thought to share some happenings and opportunities: See what we make you do...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 17 Jan 2008
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  • Odds and Ends

    Almost here! 1000 Artist Trading Cards is not available until next month, but I got my advanced copy a short while ago. What I love most about this gallery-style book is that these ATCs bridge both the art quilt and collage worlds. Lots of styles, themes, and techniques represented with your work. We'll...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 20 Mar 2007
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  • Seven days until Houston!

    Now the countdown really begins--one week until the Houston festivities commence! Quilting Arts Magazine/Cloth Paper Scissors® are taking out four booths in the Make It University section (right smack in the middle of the vendor area) and we are planning for a really exciting, creative time. I'll...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 24 Oct 2006
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  • Interview with Debbi Crane

    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (code for cyberspace) a lonely, art-starved editor thought to free herself from her type-filled, copyediting, desk-chained days by hosting an ATC blog swap. Soon, news of the blog swap spread like spilled walnut ink, and artists from all regions of our crackle...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 22 Sep 2006
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  • In Thanks

    I’m simply overwhelmed with the outpouring of support I’ve gotten over the past week. Thanks everyone for the kind words on my father. I’ve been feeling a maelstrom of emotions: grief, of course, coupled with compassion for all of you dealing with cancer or caring for a loved one with cancer; gratified...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 9 Sep 2006
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  • Bye Dad...

    My father passed away yesterday; he died of lung cancer and died young (age 59). He got the diagnosis in late June and went very rapidly. I thought about whether or not it was appropriate for me to be posting something so personal on this blog, but decided that I’d really love for something positive...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 1 Sep 2006
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  • Fabric Collage Postcards and ATCs

    I just got the sweetest letter yesterday from a seven-year-old boy named Will. I met him this past spring in Chicago at Make It U! and I remember finding him staring up at the wall of fabric ATCs we had displayed. Eyes wide, mouth agape, and neck craned at an impossible angle, he was obviously taking...
  • News!

    Fellow Artists, If you sent in ATCs for the blog swap I'm starting to mail mine back next week. If you did not get a Grant of Rights form from me via email for the ATC book please email me directly-- editorial@quiltingdaily.com and put "Grant fo Rights ATC" in the subject line. Please do...
    Posted to Pokey by Pokey on 26 Jul 2006
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