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Why we’re so thrilled about our digital subscription program

  • It saves time: It offers people immediate delivery of their magazine. And it is interactive, meaning you can click on websites and email addresses that are right on the pages of the magazine. This includes all advertisers and resources for hard-to-find supplies listed at the end of articles.
  • It saves the environment: You get credit for “going green” without recycling!
  • It saves money: Subscribe digitally for less than print. And there are no shipping costs…that’s probably music to our Canadian and other International subscribers’ ears.
  • It saves space: It leaves more room on your magazine shelf for quilting and mixed-media supplies.
  • It saves your eyes: You’ll be able to zoom in and out to better read the text and see the detail on the artwork.
  • It’s convenient: You can sign up for both digital and paper subscriptions of your issues. That way if you don’t have your print edition handy, as long as you have access to your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can find what you need at your fingertips.