Creating Figures in Fabric: Additional step outs of Leni Wiener’s work

Leni Wiener described her technique for transforming photographs into art quilts in “Creating Figures in Fabric,” on page 14 of the February/March 2010 issue of Quilting Arts. Here’s an example of how she created another one of the elements in her quilt, “Brown Bag Lunch”: the man’s blue shirt.

The tracing paper template of the shirt section. Working from the photo, values have been assigned to the different colors, and the outlines traced.

The tracing paper template has been placed over the cut fabric pieces, and the fabrics rearranged as needed to align with the template.


The completed shirt section, with the fabric pieces glued in place.


To check placement, the original rough tracing of the main figure has been placed over the two completed sections (face and shirt).

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