Modern Patchwork – Free Quilt Pattern: Queen Charming by Tula Pink & FreeSpirit Fabrics

This quilt, a jumbo Disappearing Nine-Patch design, was created using stunning fabrics from Tula Pink’s Elizabeth line for FreeSpirit Fabrics. Make it interesting by incorporating lots of different fabrics and textures for that over-the-top Tula Pink appeal.Download the free quilt pattern here and get the fabric kit for the Queen Charming quilt now.Read more about Tula Pink, see this quilt and many more in the Spring 2015 issue of Modern Patchwork magazine.

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6 thoughts on “Modern Patchwork – Free Quilt Pattern: Queen Charming by Tula Pink & FreeSpirit Fabrics

    1. I’m so sorry you are having trouble downloading this pattern! Ideally, this should download as soon as you press the button. The issue may be caused by an outdated browser, I usually have the best luck downloading these patterns in Firefox or Google Chrome. It may also be helpful to clear out the cookies on whichever internet browser you’re using. I’ve gone ahead and sent this pattern to your email address so be on the look out for that and please let me know if you don’t receive it. -Brenna

    1. Hi Milly0511,

      I’ve gone ahead and emailed the pattern to the email address associated with your Quilting Daily account, please let me know if you don’t receive the PDF. The following are questions about when you started to have issues downloading this pattern and suggestions if you have similar issues downloading patterns from our site in the future: Once you log in to your Quilting Daily account the “Download Now” button should pop up; are you having trouble downloading the pattern once you’ve clicked on the button? If another window/tab has opened, but it’s giving you a gray screen with no pattern you may need to reload the page. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to clear out your cookies by clearing your browser history.