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The pages of Quilting Arts Magazine’s October/November 2012 issue were exploding with color, thanks to our Reader Challenge participants who made quilts on the theme “What’s Your Signature Color?”

Featured above is “Drunkard’s Tango” by Sandra Champion of Tasmania, Australia.  Of her quilt she said, “Thank you Pantone for making my favorite Tangerine Tango the color of 2012. My quilt is made from dressmaker’s pattern tissue colored with acrylic paint. I used the repetition of the Drunkard’s Path quilt block, along with pleated paper, to create a feeling of movement within the quilt.”

Here are some other quilts that didn’t make it into the print issue, not because they were unworthy — they were lovely! — but for reasons of space.

“Summer Sunrise” by Deborah Wolff of Reseda, California

“Red-orange has been my all-time favorite color for a long, long time. It is just luscious and speaks to me with its vibrancy. It reminds me of sunsets, blood oranges, and flowers, and it goes with everything.”

“Hi Honey” by Valerie Komkov Hill of Lubbock, Texas

“I love the soft gold of honey and sunshine, and I love bees, so I tried to capture all the variations of that warm, earthy color in this quilt.”

“My Sassy Red Flower” by Diana Fogle of Weed, Calif.

“I’ve always been puzzled by the color wheel, so I’ve worked by intuition and feel instead. When thinking of my signature color–red–I sketched my own version of a color wheel, with every color revolving around the petals of a bright red flower.”

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