"Staycation" Postcard reader challenge results

In the June/July 2012 issue of Quilting Arts, we challenged our readers to make a fiber art or mixed-media postcard and tell us about their summer staycation.  Here are some of the almost 100 postcards we received!

Clockwise from top left: Angela Maves, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada; Jo Lawson, Tacoma, WA; Pauline Copeland, Street, MD


Row 1 (from left): Betsy Brown, San Francisco, CA; Caren Rich, Mobile, AL; Diana Fogle, Weed, CA; Lyn Grenier, Salisbury, MA
Row 2: Teresa Zacker, Blakeview, South Australia; Deb Wolff, Reseda, CA; Judy Sanclaria, Lafayette, CO; Bonnie Ouellette, Seneca, SC
Row 3: Linda Moon Daughtry, Cherry Log, GA; Ai Sawada Goodwin, San Diego, CA; June Silberman, Ithaca, NY
Row 4: Karen Adams, Vista, CA; Bonnie Sabel, Vancouver, WA; Bonnie Ouellette, Seneca, SC


Row 1 (from left): Bonnie Ouellette, Seneca, SC; Susan Molin, Hampton Falls, NH; Pam Calderwood, Burlington, IA; Bonnie Ouellette, Seneca, SC
Row 2: Judith M. Eckhardt, Elora, Ontario, Canada; Barb Johnson, Holmes Beach, FL; Christine Kenworthy, Hillsborough, CA; Meg Filiatrault, Georgetown, SC
Row 3: Kimberley Cartwright, Durham, NC; Dawn Ruminski, Pensacola, FL; Cathy Tyler, Richmond, VA; Kayla Fujimoto, Bloomington, IN
Row 4: Siri Hauge Opdal, Gralum, Norway; Lisa McCarroll, Webster, TX; Cindy Green, Mahopac, NY

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