"Women Empowering Women"

The New York art quilt group The Quilt Divas collaborated on a nine-panel piece titled “Women Empowering Women,” made as a fundraiser for Dining For Women. Each panel represents an organization that DFW has funded. To view videos and to read more about this project, visit http://www.thequiltdivas.com/dining-for-women-fiber-art.php.

        “Clinique Monique”
      by Lorraine Benjamin
  “Love 146” by Cheri Sheridan

            “Rwanda Knits”
        by Kristin Thompson


  “Bead for Life” by Sally Dutko


























         “Dining for Women”
          by Donna Roberts
          “The Boma Fund”
          by Mary Diamond
       “The Maya Nut Institute”
            by Ruth A. White

        “Heifer International”
          by Cheri Sheridan

“One Acre Fund” by Elise Dentes

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