Even quilters can make mistakes! If we have made an error in our quilting magazines, videos, etc., we will list the correction here.

Modern Patchwork Spring 2015 Correction

Scales Quilt  by Natalie Barnes Page 99 of Modern Patchwork Spring 2015: The instructions for Step 3: Row 2 are incorrect. The correct instructions are as follows: Remove triangle 7 and triangle 9 from the design wall. You will need to trim these triangles to make the correct angle for the pink triangle to fit…

Make it! Patchwork Summer 2016 Correction

Zipper Pouch by Christina McKinney Page 67 of Make it! Patchwork Summer 2016: The ground walnut shells included in the materials list are not necessary for the construction of the Zipper Pouch, however they are needed to make the Pinwheel Pincushion Pair by Amy Ellis (page 74) as noted on that project’s materials list. Other topics you…

by the block prism pattern

Errata – By the Block Prism Template

We apologize! The “Prism” template was inadvertently left out of By the Block: 18 Surprisingly Simple Quilts by Sibohan Rogers. Please download it here!         Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Quilting Arts Fall 2008 Corrections

Fall 2008 Well-Suited Messenger Bag (project instructions page 66) Flap Front (leather) and Flap Front (wool) pieces should both be labeled as 16″ wide, not 15″ as they are labeled. Corrections to Asymmetrical Fold Skirt (page 73) Step 6 contains an error, instructing to attach the left front facing to the back waist facing, twice.…