Modern Patchwork Spring 2015 Correction

scales-quiltScales Quilt 
by Natalie Barnes

Page 99 of Modern Patchwork Spring 2015:

The instructions for Step 3: Row 2 are incorrect. The correct instructions are as follows:

Remove triangle 7 and triangle 9 from the design wall. You will need to trim these triangles to make the correct angle for the pink triangle to fit in. To do this, Make a mark 6 3/4” from the left side of Piece 7. Connect the mark with the upper right point of the outside trim line. Cut on this line. Reverse the process to prepare Piece 9. Sew the pink triangle between these two trimmed triangles using 1/4” seams.

Click on the image of the Scales Quilt to download a PDF of the revised images.

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