How to Paint on Fabric: Free Fabric Painting Techniques for Texture and Interest

How many ways can you think of to add design and texture to fabric? One of the most interesting and playful ways we can think of is painting fabric. Though you may think of painting in a basic sense, using a brush and paint, this eBook is about taking it to a whole new next level. With articles from four expert artists, this eBook features incredible inspiration and fabric painting ideas galore. Ever wondered how you can get a marbling effect, or how you can layer to create incredible texture? We answer these questions and so many more in this free download on how to paint fabric. Grab your copy today!

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Take your fabric to the next level by creating texture using simple but effective methods of painting on fabric. Grasp the unpredictability of painting fabric with Mickey Lawler as painting, special effects, and sun prints are explored. Next, learn how to create multiple pieces of fabric simultaneously with Patricia Gaignat to use in mixed media art quilts. Then we join Jo Fitsell for a lesson in fabric marbling techniques, including using stencils for more variation. Then, get out your fabric paints, stencils, stamps, and imagination to create layered fabric with Christi Beckmann. From marbling fabric to layering, this eBook has a wonderful variety of fabric painting ideas for you to explore. Get them all today when you download this free eBook.

How to Paint on Fabric: Plunging into Skydyes

How to Paint on Fabric: Article #1

Plunging into Skydyes by Mickey Lawler

Painted fabric has qualities you can’t get with dyes, and Mickey is one of the best when it comes to experimenting with fabric paints. Discover the process of fabric painting that starts with a plan and ends with a unique and sometimes unpredictable design.

Fabric Print and Painting: Creating Mixed-Media Quilts, Working in a Series

Fabric Print and Painting: Article #2

Creating Mixed-Media Quilts, Working in a Series by Pat Gaignat

Experiment with mixed-media painting on fabric and watercolor paper, freezer paper stencils to make a fabric print design, stamps, and stitching to create unique art quilts.

Creating Marbled Fabric: Layered Marbling

Creating Marbled Fabric: Article #3

Layered Marbling by Jo Fitsell

Marbling fabric takes on a whole new organic look with Jo’s easy yet stunning fabric painting technique. You’ll achieve fabric marbling results you never imagined.

Layering to Make Painted Quilts: A Wholecloth Quilted Garden

Layering to Make Painted Quilts: Article #4

A Wholecloth Quilted Garden by Christi Beckmann

Combine fabric dyeing supplies with a variety of fabric paints and acrylics, layering them with stamps, stencils, permanent markers and stitch.

What are you waiting for? Download this free eBook to explore fabric painting designs.

From marbled fabric to layered painted quilts, discover fabric painting ideas that will make your quilts even more unique. Download How to Paint on Fabric: Free Fabric Painting Techniques for Texture and Interest for free to get started today.

Discover how to paint fabric using fabric paints, stencils and more.