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p1ppy1 wrote
on 1 Aug 2011 8:55 AM

Why can't you use a secure web site to enter my private information? It's not that hard. Just tell your webmaster to google https.

My name, e-mail, password, address are all private information and you should be more concern with your clients privacy. No where do you use a secure site.

You claim my privacy matters and you won't sell or give away my e-mail, but my securtiy is obviously not your concern.

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Danielle wrote
on 1 Aug 2011 11:34 AM

Thank you for your post and for expressing your concerns. I noticed that you posted this question across all of our community sites, and will be happy to post our answer across the board. May I ask if something has happened in your interactions here to raise this concern?

Our webmasters have informed us that an SSL certificate is in the works. However, as we operate within a multiple server environment, implementing such a change is not easy. Our webmasters have been researching this for the last few months and will be making changes as soon as they determine the best course of action. 

You may have noticed that all passwords are encrypted, which absolutely adds a layer of security for all members. We hope this coupled with our future efforts help to alleviate your concerns.

Thank you for being a valued Interweave Community member!

Danielle Werbick
Director, Online Marketing

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p1ppy1 wrote
on 1 Aug 2011 12:09 PM

No problem as of yet, but one never knows what site has been compromised to place any blame.

I posted on all your communities because I believe everyone has the right to know there is a problem there is a problem with each and every one of your sites.

BTW, it's only encrypted in your database. What I type and what is sent is NOT encrypted unless it uses https.

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