Hi from Brisbane Australia

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on 4 Jun 2009 6:04 AM

Sounds great Pam --Are you at ANU --ID LOOOVE to be there with their amazing textile facilities. Im new to quilting and art quilting but am loving the challenge of incorporating all my mediums in another art form. Ive actually found it refreshing. Would love to see your work.


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on 4 Jun 2009 6:12 AM

Thanks Muppin- can I ask where does Muppin come from???

I have bookmarked your blog to read-but see you are an art quilter-YAY!! I am so green to quilting its scary ,but it has been really refreshing around alot of ladies whove quilted traditionally and are venturing into art quilting some boots and all and some very gingerly-lol!! But Ive thrust them into embellishing, angelina, heat guns, discharge and deconstruction  etc  and they havnt run away yet--lol!!


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pmal wrote
on 4 Jun 2009 3:49 PM

Hi Felicity and other readers

I am doing my degree through the Open University program, the arts degree is done through Curtin in W.A.  It's hard work but I have learned so much already.  I have most of the technical tools i need to create but feel there is a gap between me and what I make.  I want to re-connect to that spontanteity that gets lost when you focus on 1/4" seams.  I think those that have come to quilting recently are fortunate in being able to create without rules, those of us who started back in the 'old' days have to throw a lot out to start again.  Although I must say that it does give you a huge amount of confidence when you know you can make a traditional quilt any time.  I have made hand-pieced, hand-quilted, machine pieced, machine-quilted, appliqued, fused etc and feel well apprenticed!!  My motivation for the art degree is more about speaking through art in my own voice, rather than seeing something someone else does and saying "Oh I love that" and trying to emulate it.  This is a great thing to do for a while, all the great masters learned by copying their masters before them, but I want the confidence to move beyond that now. Does that make sense? 

I have no friends on this site yet, haven't blogged much before, perhaps we can add each other, not sure how you do it though, have to watch Pokey's video again:)


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SisiG wrote
on 5 Jun 2009 7:10 AM

Hi Felicity  - I am a mixed media and textile artist living in Port Stephens NSW.  I am addicted to fabric, Janome and all types of paintables!  I am currently designing some fabrics that I want to print myself by block and screen printing onto shot cotton.

I love spending as much time as I can in my studio.  My family are all very arty as well and we have special art nights when we will all be down there creating.

Looking forward to seeing your website.




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baltquilt wrote
on 18 Jun 2009 11:32 AM

Hello Felicity,

I'm from Pittsburgh, PA in the USA.  My husband and I are traveling to Australia in Sept.  I'm trying to locate shops and other textile points of interest in advance of our trip.  So far I haven't found anything.  We are going to Brisbane and Sydney.  Any suggestions?

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on 20 Jun 2009 11:18 PM

Dear Leanne

sorry in the delay in replying-

Are you a member of atasda-if not check it out you sound like you would fit right in- if you google ATASDA youll find it--Had thought Id have my website done while Im away but forgot how exhausting looking afdter 3 and 7 yrolds can be-lol!! I love bedtime!!!!

Your family sounds great  and Id love to have a studio -my only allocated space has become the junk room.


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on 20 Jun 2009 11:57 PM

If you are in Sydney definately go to the Powerhouse museum -they have amazing collections of textile and costume and regular exhibitions, the Rocks is an old part of sydney with great art and craft studios and is also close to the museum of modern art and craft andcraft australia.

Ill find more spots for you when Im back at home.


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VgRobison wrote
on 7 Jul 2009 4:05 PM


I am looking at traveling to Brisbane in Sept.  with my daughter, her husband and 6 month old son.  I am a quilt artist wannabe.  I do a lot of playing with new techniques and would love to see what is in Brisbane in the Quilt and fiber Arts world.  My son-in-law will be in a conference the first week and my daughter likes to quilt so we were thinking about checking out Brisbane and or the surrounding area from Sept 11-18 for quilts or fiber artists.  I have not decided to travel with them yet but if you can help me locate some shops or shows while I am there I will make sure I come.  I would love to see Australia.  I will be going to help my daughter with her son on their travels the first week and then I may venture off on my own or return home to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Art Quilting is my Play and Work


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