Hello from Flagstaff, AZ!

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tiedyejudy wrote
on 16 May 2009 7:11 AM

Hi, all.  My name is Judy Sall, and I am an art and landscape quilter from Flagstaff, AZ.  I have been an artist/crafter since I was a small girl, but only in the past couple of years have I really become involved with making quilts.  My primary creative outlet for the past 11 years has been tie-dye clothing.  Then in 2007, I took a class in Surface Design techniques from Melly Testa, and my life changed!  Suddenly I had a whole new set of tools I could use with dyes and fabric: screen printing, soy wax batik, stamping, monoprinting... it blew me away!  That's also when I subscribed to Quilting Arts magazine, and that too blew me away!  I discovered a whole community of quilters and artists who share their skills and knowledge, inspiring me to keep trying new things... what a life!   Now I am joining this forum in hopes it will help me continue to grow and flourish as a fiber artist.  I can't wait to dive in!


Judy Sall


'Busy hands are happy hands... especially when fabric, dye, thread, beads, etc., are involved!' 

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on 16 May 2009 4:09 PM

Welcome Judy. Glad to hear that Melly is such a positive influence!  She is a wonderful artist! I hope that you will share your art with us.  I tie dye as well. I have the fingers to prove it.

Belinda aka crazyartgirl

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Muppin wrote
on 18 May 2009 6:14 AM

HI Judy!  Welcome!   We're big fans of Melly here too!  I can't wait for her video challenges.  There's a thread going on about them on the forums.


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