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on 27 May 2009 12:21 AM


Over the weekend I have been working on a small art quilt which I plan to give to my sister who is about to become a grandma for the first time.

Is it balanced ??

If the photo is not clear, the right hand side has wire bent into the words; sister, mother , grandma ... all the buttons used are mother of purl.


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on 27 May 2009 6:09 PM

First of all, congratulations to your sister!  I cannot imagine what it would be like to be a grandmother. I am not young by any stretch but my oldest is only 10 years old. 

I am trying to discern the top of your art quilt from your background. I hope I am getting it right.  There are a lot of good design ideas going on in your art quilt.  There is a nice use of line - the numbers going across the bottom of the picture. The numbers also provide a nice contrast against the white.  Since you have the darker colors on the top of your quilt, you might have something darker at the bottom to balance that.  It might help if you turn the art quilt in different directions and look at it that way to see how it looks.  I often look at my work upside down.  Look at if from a distance and see how it looks to you.  Another thing would be to go away for awhile and come back to it and see it again in a different light.  Does it still look good to you? 

When I first look at it, my eye is drawn to the negative space - white space in the background.  I don't know if your pict in the actual art quilt is darker or not. It is showing up to be a bit lighter - not enough to contrast against the white background. To offset that, you might think about having a darker border or frame as contrast so the eye will be drawn more to the picture. 

I am sure that your sister will love this keepsake. She is a very lucky grandmother-to-be.  HTH.

Belinda aka crazyartgirl


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Karent53 wrote
on 2 Jun 2009 3:27 PM

Hi Zoe! What a wonderful piece to be able to give your sister, the photo is beautifull My thoughts...even though there are words on the right side it still seems lighter in weight than the left. The white is the strongest area in the piece, and maybe needs to be broken up a bit more. I like the dark in the upper right hand corner, maybe continue that down into the space below it a bit?? I hope that helps--it really is beautiful!


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