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Jeannie EVH wrote
on 8 Jun 2009 6:36 PM

Hi!  I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good book on visual journaling.  I have never journaled and I think it is time.  I also had problems with the warm up.  I can doodle fine when I don't think about it, but it is mostly spirals and squares.  I think I was trying to make "pretty pages" and just gave up.  Thanks for your help and I love what you all have done in the gallery.  (I don't have a blog and this is all pretty new to me - i.e., I just figured out how to ask a question here - LOL!) Have a great week!

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on 8 Jun 2009 6:54 PM

LOVE this book: Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are by Danny Gregory. I'm still working my way through it, but it's helped me a lot! Kelli

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pandabolt wrote
on 8 Jun 2009 7:03 PM

Hi, Jeannie,

I have journals of all kinds floating around.  One of the best tips I ever received was to immediately mess up the pages.  All those virgin white pages can be intimidating.  So what I do to make myself use the journal is to randomly paint pages throughout the book.  There is no rhyme or rhythm to it.  Just paint.

An easy way to do that is when you are working on some other project, clean your brushes in the new journal.  Or just glue in scraps from some of your quilting or mixed media projects.  Even coffee staining works.  Do any thing to get those pages covered.  Once you get some of the pages "dirty", you won't have that block about the right thing to put in your journals.

I have started a journal that is inspirational quotes.  I use all kinds of pens and pencils to write them in the journal, and sometimes make my own comments regarding the quote.  Clip things out of magazines.....colors you like, or compositions that are interesting.   Maybe include pictures that you have taken of textures or leaves, or buildings, or whatever you are interested in.

Try drawing random lines on a page.  Repeat those lines with a different color, or a different pen.  Fill in each of the spaces with different fills....circles, squares, squiggles, etc.

And don't worry about pretty..... Yes, we see all those wonderful journals in QA and CPS, but most of us just have journals for our personal use, and no one else will ever see them!  Draw what feels good.


Paint a blob of two or three colors, then start echoing those blobs with simple drawn lines.


I have a couple of journals that I just put in samples of mixed media techniques.  I've put in Gel Medium experiments, water color crayons, paint sticks, paint skins, pumice gel....just whatever I've been reading about and wanted to see how it works.

Most importantly, just start.  If pretty pages are your goal, it's not going to happen unless you start!


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MellyT wrote
on 9 Jun 2009 1:29 PM

Sabrina Ward-Harrison did three books starting with Spilling Open, they are sophomoric in one sense, but freeing and fun too. These books helped me see the possibilities of journaling. Like Kelli said, Danny Gregory's books. Drawing from Life by Jennifer New is good too. Mostly just let yourself draw without judgement. who cares if your doodles are any good, no one has to see! Turn the page and don't look back.

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