Suggestions On Design - Before I cut the fabric

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on 11 Sep 2009 5:39 AM

I have a quilt planned and wanted some advice on the design, before I start cutting my fabric.

The quilt will be 52" square.

The background is a multi tone blue (sky) and the sunflower blocks (2 shown as line only in blue area) will be the same color as the background fabric. This is just a small way of bringing in the sunflower motif. The sunflower pedals are a solid yellow and the orange will be thread painting with some fabric painting. The fabric painting will be done as a wash over the part of the pedals closer to the center of the flower. The green stem and leaves will also be a solid color fabric like the pedals and be painted and thread painted. 

The center of the flower will be brown batiks (light / dark) made with the sunflower block. The quilting of the center will be small tight circular motifs. 

The bee in the lower right will be thread painted but will be done in a blue thread simular to the background color so it will be a low key part of the design. 

Hope I have described this so you have a clear image. Please advise any edits that need to be made to this design. This is my first quilt of this size that isn't leaning towards a traditional block construction. 

Thanks for your help.


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elfslippers wrote
on 11 Sep 2009 7:04 AM


There is a good design balance in the overall appearance. I would make the bee motif about 25% smaller so it's in better proportion. I didn't know if you were planning that or not.  It looks  great. Are you going to add contrasting binding to frame it?

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MaryR@49 wrote
on 11 Sep 2009 7:39 AM

Hi--your quilt is wonderful.  I agree with elf that the bee needs to be a tad smaller.  I love the fact that you are doing a flower but are incorporating traditional quilt blocks.  I think you are on the right track.  Happy cutting.



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on 11 Sep 2009 3:56 PM

Thanks so much for your input. I'll make the bee at the bottom right smaller. Sometimes you just need other eyes to double check your work and I knew this was the best place to get input from talented fiber artists. I'd not planned on putting a binding on the front and was wrapping the front fabric to the back, the fabric for the back is the yellow gold to the left of the green. I was thinking the front would just float off with all blue, if you think this is a bad idea let me know.



thanks again


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on 11 Sep 2009 7:01 PM

I agree the bee could be smaller, other than that I think the design is great. Go ahead and ejoy the project.

Judy B

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Quilnan wrote
on 12 Sep 2009 8:01 AM

I like the combination of the traditional block with the thread-painted design, and very nice fabrics! As mentioned before, the bee could be smaller and perhaps oriented differently? More as if it was flying to the blossom? It might look less flat or static that way. Good luck with the project... show us the finished result. Nancy

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on 13 Sep 2009 5:58 AM

I like your design very much - I often add a bit of traditional piecing to my quilts, too.  One thing I would suggest is that you play with the placement of the flower, perhaps take it out of the center and put it a bit closer to the upper corner where the big block is.  That would bring the bee up a bit and make a better balance.




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