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jane davila wrote
on 14 Feb 2010 1:00 PM

I was wondering how everyone is doing with the goals they might have set for themselves at the beginning of this year. I try to check in on my list about once a month. I add things and remove things and use the review as an opportunity to re-focus. My list includes short-term and long-term goals. I always have a five-year plan in effect - like, in five years I'd like to be... because some things can't be accomplished quickly or in a year and have many small steps along the way to achieving them.

I'm still working on a book proposal that I had planned to have finished by the beginning of January, but I have started up my studio workshops. I've started development on a few new products, but I've fallen behind in producing new work. Today is a re-assessing and re-focusing day.

I just signed up for Remember The Milk and also downloaded the iPhone app. It's a list/note/reminder program and it sounds like it's going to be helpful.

How are you doing, six weeks into the new year? Any helpful tips you'd like to pass along about things that help you meet your goals?

Jane Davila

editor, Quilting Arts In Stitches emagazine

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on 18 Feb 2010 12:30 AM

Life happens and I had to put my book proposal on the back burner. I realized that some things on my To-Do list was not realistic at this time.  It does not mean that I will not eventually get to it, it just means that I can't do it right now without driving myself nuts.  That was actually for last year.  Things came up that made it impossible for me to do it.  Teaching full-time and being in graduate school doesn't help either.  Otherwise, I am on target with the other art projects that I have planned to go this year. 

I have decided this year to do more metalworking and to work on a technique quilt weekly - adding to 6" square to it weekly.  I am a real technique junkie and realized that I have learned so much but have not really documented it anywhere. So, I decided to start an art quilt. I have always liked backgrounds almost as much or sometimes more than focal points anyway.  Lately, whenever I am working on a project, I make it a point to create a little bit extra for my 6" quilt square. If it is for a technique that I have already learned, I play with it, find a way to incorporate it into the square and add it to the quilt. 

As for the metalworking, that part is pretty easy. I just leave out stuff that I want to try or work on next on my table so I see it every time I walk by.  I do a little bit here and there whenever I am working on something else since it is out.  It is pretty cold here so I can't really use any of my torches in the garage unless it is for a few quick minutes.  I try to remember that this is for fun and don't give myself any real solid goals except to play more.  I find it just as fun sometimes to read about it or to assemble some art jewelry. 

I do keep lists of projects that I would eventually like to do. I get random thoughts that pop into my head of projects that I would like to do or articles that I would like to write related to art that I would like to create.  It leaves my head almost immediately if I don't have it written down somewhere. I use my iPhone for that but use a journal to write down more detailed notes sometimes when I actually visualize something in my mind's eye. It never turns out that way but it gives me a starting point.

I am always doing several things at once and keeping lists helps me to keep them straight.  I will refer back to my list to see if there is a project that I want to work on later on or abandon because I am not feeling it any more.  More often than not, I will adjust the project to what I am doing at that moment or to the materials that I am excited about at that time.   I have come to realize that goals are not set in stone and that it is okay to change them.

Belinda aka crazyartgirl

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