My goddess series, and hello!

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on 14 Mar 2010 11:48 AM

Hi there!  I wanted to post what I've got going on right now in my mini studio! 


A little background..... 

I'm new to quilting arts.  My mom got me a book on landscape quilts when I was in middle school.  It just wasn't "cool" for my age bracket at the time (very lame, I know) although i thought they were really cool.  The book hid in my closet, forgotten for 10 years. 

I woke up two months ago thinking about art quilts.  I immediately went to the store, picked up some fabric, went home, and started cutting. 

I started with the idea of doing a series of black, white, teal, and red abstract quilts, but it was all wrong.  I just let the fabric take me where it wanted to go. 


Here is what I started with:

Yep, that's painters tape.  Have I mentioned I'm unconventional? 

I changed my mind, and decided that I'd do one 18x22 quilt with four different scenes... Earth, Fire, wind, and Water. This is what I ended up with for the first scene, Water:

I really enjoyed it, but panicked when I realized I didn't know how to affix the pieces for sewing.  I picked up some temporary Aleene's seam glue and tacked down the pieces. 

I made a few changes and ended up with this:

(sorry the colors are so muted, I took pictures with my phone)


I was satisfied.  I started putzing around with the ideas for Wind.  This is how the thought process went:


I did go back to the regular batik background.  That is WIND! 

I was stumped then.... I hated how literal the wind version was compared to the abstract water, so I decided to scrap the water version and come up with a new idea.  From there, I decided I was going to change my series into a Goddess series. 


The next goddess I decided to make was Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess. Here she is:

And after some rearranging:


I still have a bunch of work to do with her... some rearranging, but that is the general concept. 


Annnnndddd to tackle water.  I started cutting one day, and this is what came of it:

Here is the three in the grouping:


Again, I kicked myself for having all of those tiny pieces and no way to fix them down, and fusible web would be just insane to do in individual pieces, so I cut one 7.5x8 inch piece of fusible web, put it down, and arranged all of the pieces on top of it.  When I had no gaps, I ironed it down.  Everything is in place, and I'm happy with it.  The center was tricky though.  Here is what it looked like when it was fused:

Again, sorry the picture is so dark.  The colors really pop in real life. 

I didn't exactly know what to do now that I had the water background, but I had a mermaid in mind. 

Here was my first version:

I didn't like the tail, so I changed it.  The final tail/picture looks like this (pre-embellishment)

I really like her a lot. 


And finally (the last one, I swear!!!) is what I've started for Artemis, Moon goddess.  I'm stuck on this one, but I'll figure it out. 


I LOVE this one so far. 




So, this is horrible, but I don't even own a sewing machine yet.  I love all of these, and the thought of ruining them at the machine makes me nauseous!  I've done a lot of sewing on my moms machine, but I live on my own and just don't have a machine.  I'll be picking one up when I get my tax returns in the next week or so.  I'm just itching to start practicing!  I've made a few other random things that I'll use to practice free motion before I ever touch these quilts, but holy cow I'm so excited and I really love it.  My ultimate goal is to be good at thread painting so I can thread paint the facial features, because as you can see they are all featureless (except wind).


Ok, that is what I'm doing.  I'd love some feedback!  Thanks for suffering through my novel.  :)

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ReginaW@8 wrote
on 14 Mar 2010 1:28 PM

Applique Queen - those are wonderful! I love them! You've got a great natural talent for putting fabric together. It seems like you are starting a new phase in your life - one filled with fabric, color and texture. You are going to have so much fun! Enjoy and please keep posting your work.


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okieLinda wrote
on 14 Mar 2010 3:53 PM

theres a old saying and since Im a old lady I'll say it :)  "To Cool for School. "  If thats your first attempt no telling what your going to be able to do , and keep posting your pics so we can all see it too ,

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Muppin wrote
on 15 Mar 2010 7:51 AM

I agree, these are gorgeous!!!

Cheryl/ Muppin

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zoe onysko2 wrote
on 15 Mar 2010 8:00 AM

Hi AQ!

  These are remarkable; even for someone who's been at it for years....get yourself a sewing machine don't need an expensive one, just something that can do free motion.  If you can't afford one, I will take up a collection for you as your talent in fabric art should not be wasted for another second!   all I can say is GO GIRL GO!!!!! and I look forward to watching your progress.


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Carole31 wrote
on 15 Mar 2010 9:28 AM

Wow!! your work is fabulous... and a beginner?? Hey, you GO girl... and don't wait to get a sewing machine, please keep posting your progress.

You are an inspiration!

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Nova4 wrote
on 15 Mar 2010 12:12 PM

Absolutely fantastic!!  Do keep us updated!

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on 15 Mar 2010 6:13 PM

Oh my gosh everyone!  You are making me blush!!!  Thank you so much, you don't know how much it means to me! 


Honestly, I'm afraid of what I've done.  I love all of them, but I'm nervous to quilt them!  Some of the hair areas and such have several layers of fabric... what if it is too much?!  Hmm.... what to do....

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kwoody2 wrote
on 15 Mar 2010 7:32 PM

These are fantastic.  I love the free form and that was a great idea to attach all the little pieces.

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on 15 Mar 2010 9:11 PM

Applique Queen- There are 2 types of artists... those who take classes to learn all the correct how to's and such and then there are the artists who have been blessed with a God given talent to just create beauty on a whim! I believe you to be the latter!!  If this is your beginning I am very excited to see where you end up because these are absolutely amazing!! I agree with all the other posters, get a sewing machine right away!!!  And do post your progress so we can all enjoy the journey with you!   Yvonne

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on 16 Mar 2010 12:57 AM

Well done your work is a credit to you. Laying down the fusible webbing and placing your pieces on top was exactly what I would do too. Only difference is, I paid to go to a  class to learn that, you're smat enough to work it out for yourself!

You may like to go and buy several different shades of fine, bridal tulle.  (black is good, but not in every case)  Try laying each colour over your work and decide what works best.  It will be hardly noticeable and will hold all those tiny bits down. When you get up to quilting the piece, you can do it with a design rather than getting distracted by the edges of tiny bits you will want to sew down.  This also works if you want to layer threads loosely on top to add sparkle or dimention on top of the fused pieces.

Take a look at Leah Days site  I hope this link works. I will check it and post again if I have got it wrong.  Anyway, Leah has such a lot to offer in tips, tricks and advice. You will find a lot of help there.  Good luck. Do show us your progress.  Barb.


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on 16 Mar 2010 11:04 AM

Oh those are just beautiful!!  I've been a big Goddess lover for 15 years now...  I just love what you've done.  Beautiful!

~Monika in Canada

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TheNeedler wrote
on 16 Mar 2010 12:01 PM

These are wonderful.   I am inspired by any artist who takes the bit between their teeth and just goes for it.

You have done an exceptional job with these design interpretations, and may I say they have all the joie de vivre of a child's painting.  Note, I did not say they were childish; but the selection of color and shapes to create your design has all the freedom and unhibited thought of a child who simply enjoys creating for creation's sake.  When we get older or more practiced, we lose much of that uninhibitedness in our work and it becomes less fun.  Hold on to it.

The tulle idea is a good one, and so was the group fusing process you described.  I am going to use that one myself.  I can't wait to see what happens when you get your machine and just let loose.  Good work,.....Jim Dennison

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ckquilter wrote
on 17 Mar 2010 9:41 PM

hi applique queen


you have some great ideas and wonderful shapes.

the idea of catching down all the little pieces with tulle, and then free motion quilting over it should work well, and would be a good way to go.

in the meantime, you could wait for a sewing machine to do the faces - but why wait????

the tsukineko inks are very easy to use. very easy to control and shade the colors. and work beautifully on fabric. so while you are waiting for that machine, you could still be getting the faces done.


who is the pony in your picture?   are you a fellow horse lover???     ckquilter

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on 18 Mar 2010 8:32 PM

The crazy horse in my pic is my horse Darcy.  I'm a horse trainer and riding instructor in real life.  :)

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