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Paet wrote
on 4 Jul 2010 9:52 AM

I really love Piecework but have heard from other lists that it is getting too specific in each issue.  That is, all knitting in an issue or all lace.  In a way I have to agree.  I can do everything in needlework except  for tatting.  I also enjoy both experimental embroidery and historic embroidery.  Same goes for quilting.  Is there a way to add a bit more mix to each issue so that everyone would be happy.  I don't want to see this magazine go out  of business as many have - I remember at least 3 - maybe 4, that were wonderful but eventually closed due to lack of materials.  Let's not let this happen to this magazine!


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on 17 Jul 2010 5:18 AM

Paet, I have passed your comment on.

Belinda aka crazyartgirl

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