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HollyS22 wrote
on 15 Oct 2010 5:57 AM

Hello, need help with Scribble Boxes. I'm using Clorox Bleach Pen, on 5 different green fabrics and NONE of the fabrics took the bleaching, left the bleach on a good 5 minutes..nada! Could it be the pen? I tired 5 different fabrics but do the pens lose their bleach power over time? The pens may be 8-10 months old. advice is greatly appreciated. love the boxes and love the others' posted results from the other projects.


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on 15 Oct 2010 7:24 AM

Hi Holly--

The bleach pens absolutely lose their potency. That can be frustrating. The process itself is a bit mercurial, as each fabric has its own schedule for bleaching. Some fabrics actually have prints that lay on the surface of the fabric, rather than being absorbed into the entire piece as dye. That can make them difficult. Your first fix would be to buy a new bleach pen. Shake it well before you use it. I think the Clorox pens have dates on the packaging, so that can be important if your local store doesn't sell many of them.

I have had to re-bleach some fabrics that seemed to be resistant. It's okay to leave the bleach on longer, or rinse the pieces well, iron dry and rebleach until you're happy. Sometimes it doesn't seem like they bleached much until you dry them and then the change is more apparent.

The very best fabric to bleach is kona cotton. If you're still not having luck with your fabric, check that out. It comes is straight colors, not prints, but it is a blast to bleach! kelli

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HollyS22 wrote
on 15 Oct 2010 7:36 AM

Thanks Kelli, didn't expect to hear from the artist herself. LOVE your ideas, I want to make all your gifts from the latest QA Gifts magazine. I will buy a new pen and I will try the kona cotton too as I just love the little boxes. thanks much! Holly

PS I loved your crows the best and had a blast making them with desires to make many more but you keep coming out with clever new ideas that I want to make them too. loved the rolling pin recipe book; recipes adorable!

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Muppin wrote
on 15 Oct 2010 9:12 AM

Thanks for posting, Kelli!

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