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on 9 Mar 2011 2:36 PM

Greetings from Central Texas!  I officially started my fiber art business last year and exhibited in several non-profit galleries and in two for profit galleries.  I sold 11 pieces and was thrilled.  The gallery that I am currently in has recommended that I have a web presence.  Please take a look and give me some feedback.  Thanks a million.  Go to:






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Peggy Szasz wrote
on 10 Mar 2011 6:18 AM

Good morning Deborah, I took a look at your website and your FB page. Both look great!!   My FB just shows some of my quilts and has a link to my Etsy.  It is more just another way for people to find me.  Your website looks very professional.  Congratulations!!!!  Peggy

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on 10 Mar 2011 6:49 PM


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on 25 Mar 2011 2:21 PM


There are all sorts of books out on the subject of pricing. How do you determine the price of your work?  I am stuck on this topic.  Everything I make I end up giving away because I can't figure out how to sell it.

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quilties wrote
on 30 Mar 2011 4:44 PM

Hi Deborah, Your art quilts are beautiful, thank you for sharing your website so we may see them. Congratulations on your gallery success, too!

I do have some constructive criticism about your website, though, since you asked...

1. The size is too big. I have a 24" screen and I still can't view all the buttons at the same time without scrolling. Try resizing all your images by 75% to 50% and see how it looks. It should fit within 1000 px. MAX.

2. You should try to get some live text on your pages, rather than images. Google will not be able to index your site well without any real HTML text to grab keywords from. And then, you should choose a simple clean font, that is easy to read and doesn't compete with your artwork.

3. I would prefer the thumbnails in your gallery be thumbnails of the whole art piece, not just one little bit of it. But that's just a matter of taste. I just think your compositions are so nice and unique, that I would want to glance all of those at once rather than the abstract little bits.

I am a graphic designer, so if I sound picky, that's why! 

Good luck to you with your website and your art quilts, you sound like you have an excellent start on both!

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on 30 Mar 2011 11:35 PM

I agree with the graphic designer about the sizing of the graphics and I also have a couple of big screen monitors, Might I suggest using Wordpress as your content management system? You'll get better SEO and opportunity to use keywords like crazy. I use for my sites because it's easy to use. I'm not affiliated, just a fan of their free open source themes.


Quilts are awesome! I recognize the bluebonnets as I'm in the Fort Worth area.

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okieLinda wrote
on 31 Mar 2011 8:58 AM

Hi Debrah from central Okla , I just saw your posting and the responces to it, I went to your site and it looks great to me but Im no expert, I too have just started a web site , Well my daughter is starting it up for me , She is a professional at it all and I expect it to be great when shes got it done but shes so busy I dont know how long it will be :( I love my gallery up here but anyone that wants to see the quilts have to sign up to do it so I needed it easyier than that, I have a cat walk downtown in Ardmore but it does need a web presence to seem real these days, its all so confusing to me , hard enough to worry over my quilts, but hope to get some good luck vibes going on around here, Keep us posted on how its all going ,and meggaa good luck with it   Linda

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Penelope14 wrote
on 1 Apr 2011 9:18 AM

Hi Debbie,

I just took a tour of your website and think you have made a good start! I agree about resizing so people visiting the home site don't have to scroll and slide the screen. My only other suggestion would be to change your biography to first person. The button says "about me" but when you click on it, the info. you are reading is third person. I think it would make the readers feel more connected with you if it was written first person.

Good Luck!

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