Adivice: Art Quilts and Quilt Shows

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DinahT wrote
on 14 Mar 2011 8:50 AM

My quilting guild hold a show every two years, the next will be in 2012. Last year we added a category for Art Quilts and Mixed Media. Our main judge seemed not to fully get Art Quilts. She a great judge in the tradition style, no complaints that way.

We are now working on the next show and would like to help to reduce some of the confusion for traditional judges when judging Art Quilts. What advice would give? We need help in clarify the differences and the similarities between the two styles.

Dinah Tackett

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ckquilter wrote
on 16 Mar 2011 7:25 PM

hi dinah


you might consider bringing in an art quilter from a neighboring guild to judge or help judge the art quilts.

either way, quality workmanship is still quality workmanship. and should be an important consideration for both types of quilts.

also, make sure that people entering understand that art needs to be original - no commercial patterns or using other people's designs.

and it should not be quilted by a separate professional quilter.  unless they are collaborating.

also, a project started in a class or workshop would not be entirely original - it would have had some input from the teacher - and

would need to be in a different category. our guild has both traditional categories and art categories, and added an innovative category -

for those items which are partly original, but may have been professionally quilted, or begun in a class (but would otherwise be

 in the art diviison) or are adapted from traditional or commercial patterns.

this lets the art quilt category remain truly unique and original.                            ckquilter

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