Help with Resist Painting

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roselegge wrote
on 30 Apr 2011 9:45 AM

Hi Everyone,

My question is about what's the best way to paint a resist design on fabric.  I've used the Elmer's blue glue, and it drives me crazy - the dye I used to paint over it washes out quicker than the glue!!!  I used Dye-na-flow, and I now have a very faded piece of fabric with hard places from the glue.  ???

There has GOT to be a better way to do this.  What has everyone used that works?





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Muppin wrote
on 1 May 2011 2:03 PM

Hey Rosehips1-

I have used the Elmers blue gel glue before and it came out just fine, without being hard.  You have to make sure the kind you get says it's washable.  As for your paint/dye, you may have to heat set it so that it remains in the fabric before washing it out.  

I've used this technique before with no problem.  I let the gel glue dry, painted the fabric, heat set it from the back, and soaked out the glue in warm water.

I have heard that you can make a four paste and use it as a resist but haven't tried that.  

You can get silk painting resists that are meant to be washed out as well, from Dharma trading co.  Google them for all kinds of fun supplies.

Have fun experimenting!

Cheryl / Muppin

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