free motion quilting with Invisafil

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pelli73 wrote
on 26 Sep 2011 8:02 PM

Hi all

Just wanted to get input from anyone who has had success/failure trying free motion quilting with Wonderfil Invisafil.  I've tried every trick I can think of and my top thread still shred's after about 3 minutes of stitching.  I've tried on two different machines-a Necchi mechanical (#3354) and a BabyLock Decorator's choice.  I've tried embroidery needles, top stitch needles, Microtex needles, adjusting bobbin and to tension, Magic Genie bobbin washers, slowing slow, sewing fast-have I missed any techniques?  Or is this just one of those threads my machines don't like to do free motion with?  I have no problem at all using the thread for normal or decorative stitcing.  It's lovely to use for machine applique with the buttonhole stitch on my BabyLock so the thread isn't a real loss-it's just that I REALLY like the way it looks when used for free motion stitching!  Oh yes, my bobbin thread is Bottom Line 60 wt. and the thread is always snarling/shredding on the top.  I've also tried the spool net on the thread spool so it doesn't feed to quickly to the needle and end up with no upper tension.

Any comments-success-whatever are appreciated!


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k9dancer wrote
on 25 Jul 2014 1:33 AM

I love Invisafil, and use it daily.  You might try putting it in the bobbin as well as the top.  Remember that cross wound cones and spools need to feed into the needle by going off the top of the spool, so that means using a horizontal spool pin with a thread cap, or a thread lifter.  You might also try a different size needle.


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ckquilter wrote
on 26 Jul 2014 4:17 AM

hi carole

i am not familiar with invisafil. is it a monofilament ?

bottomline can be nice. but sometimes it is tooo smooth.

i assume you are tightening the bobbin tension when using bottomline. it is thin, and regular bobbin tension will be too loose.

if the invisafil stitches fine with feed dogs up - are you using bottomline in the bobbin??

if invisafil is a monofilament, you usually need to loosen the top tension when doing free motion, as they will pull too much otherwise.

if your top thread is shredding, and you have tried different needles, so they are not the problem; it sounds like the top thread is not being used in the stitch, and is running through the needle too many times, and then it shreds.   often that will be because you have not changed the bobbin tension to accomodate the bottomline. and the bottomline just slides thru, without having enough tension to pull the invisafil down to make a good stitch.

if the machine jams or thread breaks when using bottomline; the bottomline will often peel off the bobbin. you need to make sure you check both the top thread, AND the bobbin, before starting to stitch again.

it sounds like you need to tighten the bobbin, to deal with bottomline (you might try putting rayon in the bobbin and stitching, and see if the problem continues.)   and loosen the top tension to deal with a monofilament.    also, put on a straight stitch needle plate. that way when you change directions doing free motion, you don't all of a sudden get too much thread feeding from the bobbin.    i put a post it note over the settings display on my machine when i have the straight stitch needle plate on. that reminds me NOT to change to a zigzag stitch while i have the straight stitch needle plate on.

one other thought - you are remembering to put the presser foot lever down, right ?    even when doing free motion, the presser foot lever must be lowered for the machine to stitch properly.


let us know if any of these suggestions help.   if not, give us an idea of any continueing problems.    the more info we have, the better we can help.

always kinda hard to problem solve, if you cannot be there to see what is going on.                 good luck..                  ckquilter

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