Hello from the HOKIANGA...New Zealand

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on 26 Dec 2011 3:22 PM

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kathy, (45) I live with my hubby on our dairy farm. We live 5 mins from the Hokianga harbour and Waipoua Forest, also 5 mins from the wild west coast. So some can say I live in paradise. Our youngest child Maggie (19)is about to depart the house and head to Canada for a year...so finally we have a totally empty house. So I have lots of room to spread out and claim yet another room with my crap as the family have been known to call it. I have been with my hubby for 28 years, we have 2 other kids AJ (24) who has a beautiful Canadian girlfriend Melissa, and a daughter Ashleigh (22)who has 2 beautiful children...Cory 4 and Stevi ron-ella 2.

I have a great love of beads, I collect them, make them = lampwork, play with them...but I also received my great aunts sewing collection of lace, buttons, material her sewing machine, cottons etc that I thought I had better find out how to use them...hence finding you all on the net, after watching on tv about your website. I also started a Stitch and *** group up in our local area to get people out in public to do knitting, we met up once a week and have a good laugh and moan.

SO when it comes to craftwork im glad to say im an addict. So I would love to met new freinds who are like minded..


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