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RUEdOAK wrote
on 22 Feb 2012 1:13 PM

When using text, the artist needs to get permission to quote another in an art quilt.

What about found objects? For example, food or clothing labels?

What if I were to weave into my art quilt the wire/paper strips with "organic" or "joe's farm" printed on them? Or scanned a tomato soup can? (Did Andy Warhol get permission?)

I have a series in mind that I want to do, involving using found objects as embellishment, etc. Many of the things I have collected include printed text. This is not quoting another's concept or intellectual property but using the physical object as an element in the art, including the text and image printed on it. On the one hand, I could just do it. BUT if I want to be able to submit these art quilts for consideration in publication or shows, is documented permission needed?

If someone could direct me on this, or suggest where I could get the answer, I would greatly appreciate it.



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on 19 Mar 2012 3:01 PM

I was intrigued by your post. I think the art, might be considered more of a collage, yet I see what you are driving at, in terms of legalities and remaining safe. 

I found this one link, that might be of assistance. I think using partial of labels might keep you safe, generic objects are not necessarily a risk. Intellectual property is an area, that might offer you some assistance on what is safe. I could not find much on just using the labels, but the label itself does represent a garment designer or manufacturer......You could certainly seek out a free consultation from a legal firm.

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