Where do I do the FMQ'ing on this quilt...

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coffeebreak wrote
on 5 Aug 2012 11:17 AM

Where and what kind? I figured  I would echo the letters to make them stand out, but what about the rest? I want the quilt (For a baby) to be soft and cuddly and know that the closer the FMQ stitching the stiffer it makes the quilt, I also am only talented at Meandering..haven't gotten to designs yet.

The heart blocks are made of HST's. Do I meander in the heart only and STID in the background (white) sqs and yellow sashing? Or maybe STID the heart and meander elsewhere... Or XX the yellow sashing and meander the rest ?

I try to learn something new with each qulit I make and the lettering and the HST heart is new to me, but using differenent FMQ'ing is new and I think this is where I need to learn that! Thanks for any comments/helps

The quilt is about 50x50 and for a infant. HST hears are small dots on white background and the letters and blue squares are a bluish/teal with light white splots instead of dots. The letters are appliques on and are 4" tall.

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ckquilter wrote
on 14 Aug 2012 1:37 AM

baby quiltsare sooooooooo much fun.

and the perfect place to practice free motion quilting - as baby loves anything soft.

dense quilting does not necessarily make the quilt stiff - depends more on the thread used and the batt.        both of which you want to be very washable.          do NOT use metallic thread - i reserve the scratchy thread for wall quilts only.   a soft cotton or rayon or even poly thread will be good.

the quilting design is totally up to you.  some ideas - you can lay a piece of clear plastic (like a sheet protector page) over a block, and use a pen to audition how different quilt motifs will look.                     if you do minimal quilting in the hearts, and more dense quilting around them, they will puff up a bit, and appear to come forward. i might try just doing  2 or 3 or 4 decreasing hearts within the pieced heart (depends on how big the heart is). then stipplethe background around the heart - it will make the hearts puff a bit.

or, maybe quilt a word on each heart - love, hugs, joy, laugh, smile........     and then still stipple the background.

you could also quilt the baby's name and other info on some of the hearts.

for the sashing - i would probably do more hearts, and put another heart in the blue squares.

depending on the size of the letters of "brenna jane", i would just stipple (maybe a small heart stipple instead of meander) around them, and not quilt the letters themselves - again, it puffs the letters. or if the letters are too big, and need a bit of quilting within them, do a small version of that letter towards the center of the letter.

remember, baby quilts are the perfect place to try new motifs.                       hope that helps     ckquilter

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