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Rose46 wrote
on 13 Oct 2012 11:18 AM

Hello I am new to this web site, me and my daughter was watch the program she is very interested in the Ink Sketch Quilt.  I am trying to find out if you have to use 100% cotton white fabirc and what Acrylic inks are best and resable price.

thank you,


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Muppin wrote
on 23 Oct 2012 3:54 PM

Welcome Rose!

Do you know what episode number the segment you are referring to was in? 


Cheryl / Muppin

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ckquilter wrote
on 10 Nov 2012 12:25 AM

hi rose

i am not sure which program you are talking about - but here is some general info.

you can use any fabric you want. any color you want. however, a white fabric will give you the clearest colors. start with a cream color fabric, and your ink colors will become slightly greyed when painted on the fabric.   you could start with any light color fabric. but it will change the color of your inks a bit, as the color of the fabric and the color of the ink will blend visually.

a high thread count fabric wil give a smoother  look - especially good for faces- if you don't want them to look blotchy.   i can usually find a high thread count white muslin that works nicely.

you could also use a white on white print. the two whites will take the ink differently - giving a textured, mottled look to the painting. it looks especially nice for large flowers or leaves - gives great textured look.   but would not be my choice for realistic looking faces.

many of us are using the tsukineko inks. you can find them online easily. or ask at the quilt or crafts stores locally.    you do NOT need to buy all of the colors - unless you want to. all of the colors will mix with each other - so from just several primaries you can mix most other colors.  the colors are transparent - so they will mix with each other, and with the color of the fabric.        the white ink is NOT transparent - it is opaque, and will cover anything it is painted over.       the metallic colors are also opaque.                            to use the inks, they have small applicators - 2 styles. one with a round tip - it is good for blending. the other with a pointed tip.     i much prefer the pointed tip. if you can only afford 1 - get the pointed tip. it will give you thin lines or cover large areas if you lay it on its side to paint.      buy 1 applicator (fantastix) for each color ink, and a couple round tip for blending.    they also have a blending medium, which can sometimes be helpful - you can blend the colors right on the fabric as you paint.                    when buying colors, remember that buying a dark green will also give you a medium and light green of that same color - without having to buy the lighter shades. just dip the applicator in and out quickly, then rub most of the color off onto a scrap, until the color coming off the applicator is a light enough value.

the bottles are small, but the ink goes a long ways - so it ends up fairly economical.      i heat set with a dry iron.   the inks work great with quilting cottons.    do prewash your fabric - preferably with synthrapol, and dry (without fabric softener) before painting.                  you can also get the ink in a marking pen - they are good for writing labels or drawing leaf tendrils or thin lines - but they are very hard to paint with; and you can't lighten the value of the color.      i use them for labels. but if just wanting to paint, and money is tight - buy the in in the bottles.  also , the pens run out of color fairly quickly. and for the same price the bottle will cover 10 times more fabric.

hope that helps                   ckquilter

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