quilting art set colors

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jaha301 wrote
on 18 Nov 2012 4:01 PM


I know I'm not the first one to fall in love with the paint colors on the set of quilting arts.  Where can I find out what those delicious colors are?



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Muppin wrote
on 20 Nov 2012 9:41 AM

Good question!  I'll ask the staff!


Cheryl / Muppin

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on 27 Nov 2012 4:00 PM

Hi Jane,

Sorry it took a bit to get this info, but I got it!  The paint colors for the QA Set are Charisma 6605 and Great Green 6430 by Sherwin-Williams.

Have a great day!

Sally Murray
Interweave - Quilt/Paper Group
Sudbury Office Manager

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