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CarolynI@5 wrote
on 10 Jan 2013 8:53 AM

I enjoyed your suggestions today about using up what you have and I am trying not to buy any fabric (at least for a while).

My neighbor gave me a bunch of fabric she had purchased and never used and asked me to make quilts or throws from them. I've done several for her, but wht is stumping me are the silky fabrics. I think they are jersey or polyester.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use those?


Thanks so much for all you information,






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Muppin wrote
on 10 Jan 2013 9:31 AM

Many thin or stretchy fabrics need to be stabilized to hold up well with quilting cottons without getting distorted or torn.  I'd check out the stabilizers at your local fabric store and choose one that you like that is thin and won't show behind your fabric.  I personally like the iron on kind, so I don't have to worry about it shifting during the sewing process.

Good Luck!

Cheryl / Muppin

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ckquilter wrote
on 27 Jan 2013 5:27 AM

hi carolyn

like muppin said, the slinky and stretchy fabrics are gonna be much better behaved in your quilts if you stabilize them first.

my favorite is to use the lightest weight  nonwoven fusible interfacing you can find. there are some very lighweight ones that barely change the stifness of the fabric at all, but they make it non stretchy and MUCH easier to sew on. you can usually find them in white, black and nude.

their other nice quality - because they are designed to be used in clothing, they are very soft, and very washable.    ckquilter

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