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mackie3 wrote
on 3 Mar 2013 11:55 PM

Looked under "QA TV" tab, but there's nothing about an episode guide. I'm looking for a Season 11 episode guide, a list I can refer to so I can find the episode and episode segment on the DVD without having to read through all my DVD descriptions. Really, you've had episode guides for the first 10 seasons...difficult to find, but I've managed to find them by trolling all over your hard-to-navigate website. Season 11 eludes me. What gives? Aren't we entitled to know the show numbers and descriptions?

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on 4 Mar 2013 10:25 AM

Hello, mackie3,

The episode guides we have available are the brief descriptions you find by clicking on the QATV tab.  This brings you to the Quilting Arts TV website, and the current season's episode descriptions (right now it's Series 1100).  Scroll down a bit to see the descriptions of each episode.  To get the descriptions of other seasons, go to the Series tab and select another. 

Kristine Lundblad,
Asst. Editor, Quilting Arts Magazine

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